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IPS Pathways to Transformation: Summer 2018 Elective

IPS Pathways to Transformation: Summer 2018 Elective

Mississippi Camino: IPS Summer 2018 Course

Pilgrimage is a transformational journey toward a sacred center.  This IPS three credit course is an invitation to a deeper personal sacred journey in which our inner and outer experiences intersect.  There where we live between our pain and our promise, we can find a deepening of our lives through sacred travel.  Sacred intentional travel can move us along the spiritual journey in heightened and accelerated ways, providing renewal as well as insights for life and work.

            This course will be a predominantly experiential travel experience using the special natural environments of Northeast Iowa alongside the Mississippi River, sometimes called the “little Switzerland” of Iowa.  While the six days in Iowa will be largely experiential the course will also include theoretical, practical, and reflective work.  Students will prepare for the pilgrimage event by completing the course readings in the six weeks prior to the experience.

            In addition to course readings, personal narrative material, didactic and student participation and presentations, there will be very specific experiential/spiritual/reflective activities during the process including the following:

  • Meditative walking (you will get good at it)
  • Journaling
  • SoulCollage
  • Effigy mounds National Monument (Native spirituality)
  • Prayer/meditation and reflection at several churches along the Mississippi
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Labyrinth          

The pilgrimage will include between 30-40 miles of walking in total, during the six days in hilly but modest terrain.  Allowance for physical health limitations will also be made.  The base camp location is 678 State Forest Road, Harper’s Ferry, Iowa, 250 miles from Chicago.



Costs: $500 per student including food and accommodation

Maximum number of participants: 10 students‌

Pay Course Fee at www.luc.edu/pathways

You must also register for the course on LOCUS.