Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Program Director's Spotlight on Students

  • Student Spotlight: Afshan Hussain

    She takes patient vital signs at a community clinic. She studies enzyme function in a biochemistry laboratory. She mobilizes relief projects for Syrian refugees. She supports a free clinic serving the uninsured. HSM junior, Afshan Hussain, has no empty minutes.
  • Student Spotlight: Jesse Rivera

    There is no question HSM junior Jesse Rivera is on the move. In Jesse’s own words, “if you’re not moving, you’re not learning.” She transferred into HSM as a sophomore and immediately went to work. She set out a course of networking, volunteering, and as she says “picking up things everywhere I go.”
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    Student Spotlight: Taryn Diermenjian

    Taryn Diermenjian is a senior majoring in Health Systems Management (HSM). Her resume reads more like a seasoned professional than a college senior.
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    Student Spotlight: Deanna Cabada

    Health Systems Management (HSM) senior, Deanna Cabada is hard to pin down. Whether she’s conducting a survey of free and charitable clinics, enrolling patients in clinical studies or investigating green practices at U.S. healthcare companies, Deanna is on the go.