Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Student Worker Employment Guide

The links below provide practical resources and information about specific HR topics, such as Loyola policies, online forms and other time-saving resources, to help you in your day-to-day role as a student employee.

To view the Student Worker Employment Guide in an Adobe PDF format, click here.

  • Purpose of Guide
  • Benefits & Services
    Campus-to-Campus Transportation
    Direct Deposit
    Lost and Found
    Other Benefits & Services
    Recycling at Loyola
    Social and Cultural Events
    Wellness Center
  • Career Opportunities
    Employee Growth & Development
    Employment at Loyola

  • Employee Responsibilities
    Accident Prevention and Safety
    Attendance and Punctuality
    Changes in Personal Information
    Personal Business at Work
    Release of Information
    Rules of Conduct
    Solving Work-Related Problems

  • Equal Opportunity Employment

  • Pay and Pay-Related Information
    Allowable Work Hours
    Direct Deposit
    Employment Classifications
    Federal and State Income Tax & FICA
    Federal Work-Study Tax
    International Issues
    Multiple Positions
    Paper Time Card Example
    Pay Dates
    Pay Difficulties
    Pay Periods
    Rates of Pay
    Time Cards/OTC
    W2 Forms