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Enrolling in benefits is a paperless process that is completed online through Employee Self-Services. 
Loyola Secure Access
To access Employee Self-Service, you must be connected to Loyola’s network, either on campus or via Loyola Secured Access (LSA). For questions about LSA, please contact the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@luc.edu or by phone at 773-508-4ITS.
  • Open any browser (except Microsoft Edge) and visit Employee Self-Service: https://lawson.luc.edu.
    • Use your Loyola User ID and password to login.
    • Select Bookmarks > Employee Self-Service > Benefits > Annual Enrollment.
Learn more: Enrollment Guide - Employee Self-Service

Spouse/Dependent Enrollment
When enrolling your spouse, and/or dependents have your dependent information (including documentation to verify eligibility with date of birth, social security number and full legal name for all family members) and beneficiary information available. Due to health care reform reporting requirements, it is important that all dependents are listed in our system with the correct social security number and full legal name.
Remember: From the start of employment, you have 31 days to elect your benefits. Don’t miss the deadline. If you do, you will not have an opportunity to change plans or enroll dependents until the next annual open enrollment period held each fall, or if you experience a qualifying life event (i.e. birth of a child).
We recommend you do not delay coverage elections! You have important benefits decisions to declare, and your only 31 days from the first day of employment to select the best benefits options for you and/or your family.
  • Before the deadline, you must choose your plans, complete your forms, and submit everything (i.e. Spousal/LDA Surcharge Waiver) everything in Employee Self-Services.

If you miss your deadline, you will not be automatically enrolled in medical, dental, vision, and/or other benefits.

  • You won’t be able to make changes until the next open enrollment period held in the fall. Plus, your access to health insurance could be delayed up to 90 days.
  • For life insurance and long-term disability insurance, you will only receive basic coverage, and you will need to submit your medical history if you would like additional coverage.
  • For retirement plans, you’ll be enrolled in the default Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (DCRP) after 60 days of employment. The University will automatically enroll employees in the DCRP at 1% of salary.
    • Employees may elect to opt out of this feature or increase their contributions by contacting Transamerica at 773.508.2770 or visiting luc.trsretire.com.
Some of your benefits are managed by Loyola University Chicago while others are administered by external vendors. In addition to resources found in the Benefits Booklet, the Human Resources website houses all the information, and forms you need to enroll. However, it is helpful to know the names and acronyms of the various vendors as you’ll see them often:
  • BCBSIL (PPO): Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois (Preferred Provider Option) administers the university's single medical care plan, Loyola Advantage.
  • EAP: Employee Assistance Program is administered by Perspectives, and provides employees and their families find solutions to issues and difficulties of daily life. This program is provided at no cost.
  • TRS: Transamerica Retirement Savings administers the university's Defined Contributions Retirement Plan (DCRP). 
    • After 60 days of employment, employees are automatically enrolled in the DCRP at 1% of salary.
      • Employees may elect to opt out of this feature or increase their contributions by contacting Transamerica at 773.508.2770 or by visiting luc.trsretire.com.
  • VSP: Vision Service Plan administers comprehensive eye care benefits throughout the VSP network for routine services.
You can enroll yourself into various medical, dental, vision, and other benefits via Employee Self Service by visiting Employee Self-Service while you are on-campus or via Loyola Secure Access (lsa.luc.edu) while off-campus.
  • Enroll within 31 days of your first day of employment.
  • Your coverage starts on the first day of the month following your first day on the job.
    • If you first day of work falls on the first business or calendar day of the month, coverage begins that day!

Do not forget to visit Benefits Express to setup your pre-tax Flexible Spending Account, and Transit elections.

Loyola Advantage 
(PPO Health Plan)

Blue Cross Blue Shield IL

Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Benefits Express

Accidental Death 
and Dismemberment Insurance

Reliance Standard

Child Life Insurance

Reliance Standard

Vision Plan

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Dependent Care Flexible 
Spending Account

Benefits Express

Supplemental Life Insurance 
(for You)

Reliance Standard

Group Legal

Hyatt Group Legal Services

Dental Plan

Delta Dental PPO

Guardian/First Commonwealth

Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account

Benefits Express

Spousal Life Insurance

Reliance Standard

Transit Benefit Program 
(full time only)

Chicago Transit Authority

The university provides two medical plans: Loyola Advantage PPO1 and Loyola Advantage PPO 2 through Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois.
  • The plans do not require you to sign up with a particular hospital or physician when you enroll. Each time you need care, you can visit any doctor or hospital you choose, but you receive a higher level of benefits if you choose a home hospital or BCBSIL network provider.
  • To find out if a particular hospital or physician is a part of the PPO network, please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Services at (866) 266-3674, or visit: http://bcbsil.com/providers.
Waive Medical Coverage
You may elect to waive health insurance coverage for yourself and your family members. If you waive coverage for yourself, you cannot enroll your spouse, children, or other dependents in medical coverage. There are two different processes for waiving coverage:
  • Waive coverage as a new employee (during initial eligibility).
  • Waive coverage after your initial eligibility period during annual open enrollment.
Birth Control Coverage Religious Employer Exemption
Loyola University Chicago is a Catholic institution and has an exemption as a "religious employer."
  • For more information about our religious exemption and contraception coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Affordable Care act please review: Loyola BCBSIL Religious Exemption

Loyola University provides two dental plan options:

Delta Dental PPO
Group ID: 08450
 Guardian/First Commonwealth—DHMO
Group ID: 00378516

Please see the Benefits Highlights Booklet for additional information.
Loyola University Chicago provides a single vision *plan, Vision Service Plan (VSP). VSP provides comprehensive eye care benefits throughout the VSP network for routine services.  
  • Learn more: VSP Membership - No ID Card required or issued. Just provide your full name, date of birth and Social Security Number to the provider. 
Vision Service Plan (VSP)
*If you are enrolled in either the Loyola Advantage Advantage PPO1 or PPO2 plan, you have coverage for annual eye exams through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois PPO provider, Davis Vision.
You are eligible for university-paid Basic Life Insurance if you are Loyola University Chicago faculty (.80 or higher) or staff (.53 or higher). The university automatically provides eligible faculty and staff members the with Basic Term Life Insurance equal to one-and-one-half (1½) times your annual salary up to $500,000. The University pays the entire cost of this coverage.
Plan Administrator
Reliance Standard administers the university's life insurance plan. In the event something happens, and you or your family needs financial assistance, the university provides you with an option to purchase supplemental life insurance for yourself and spouse, child and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.
  • If you would like to purchase supplemental life insurance for your child, you will need to also purchase supplemental life insurance for yourself.
It is important to carefully consider your options and enroll before the deadline. Visit the Human Resources website to learn more.
Pre-tax monies can be set aside for FSAs, DCAP and HSA programs. If you are a full-time University benefits-eligible faculty or staff (.80 or higher), you are eligible to enroll in one or both flexible spending accounts.
  • The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for health care and/or dependent day care expenses, used properly, can help save you money on these expenses. By participating in either or both of these flex accounts you can use tax-free dollars deducted from your paychecks to pay for certain out-of-pocket expenses. 
    • The dollars you save are from the following payroll taxes: Federal income tax; State income tax (in most cases); and Social Security (FICA) tax. 
  • The Dependent Day Care Account (DCAP) is designed to pay for the care of children or adults who qualify so that you can work.
    • Eligible expenses include: In-home care; Care at another’s home; Nursery or preschool tuition; After-school care; Dependent care centers; and Summer day camp as long as that cost compares reasonably with other alternatives.
  • A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an additional tax advantaged, and currently, you do not lose remaining monies at the end of the year. However, there are specific eligibility requirements for an HSA, and you can only get one by enrolling in a CDHP.
    • Eligible health care expenses are expenses incurred by you and your dependents for “medical care” as defined by IRS code. Generally, this means an item or service for which you could have claimed a medical care expense deduction on an itemized federal income tax return, for which you have not otherwise been reimbursed or could be reimbursed from insurance or some other source. You, your spouse, or an eligible dependent must incur these expenses.
    • Only those expenses incurred while you are a participant in the Flexible Spending Accounts plan are eligible for reimbursement.
      • For example, you may claim reimbursement for the following expenses: Health care deductibles, Copays, Expenses not covered by other plans, Routine physical or dental examinations, Infertility treatments, Braces and other orthodontia, Birth control items, Vision expenses or Hearing care expenses.
There are additional factors you should review prior to selecting which account is appropriate for you and your family needs.
If you enroll... You will need to provide copies (not originals) of...
Your Spouse • 2015 jointly filed Federal tax return (without personal financial information revealed), or
• Marriage certificate and proof of joint ownership (mortgage or lease)
Legally Domiciled Adult • Loyola University Chicago Certification Form and proof of joint ownership (mortgage or lease) within last six months, or
• Civil union license and proof of joint ownership (mortgage or lease) within last six months, or
• 2015 jointly filed Federal tax return
Biological Child • Birth certificate
Adopted Child • Adoption placement agreement and petition for adoption, or
• Adoption certificate
Legal Ward • Government-issued birth certificate
• Court-ordered document of legal custody
Disabled Legal Ward • Government-issued birth certificate
• Court-ordered document of legal custody
• 2015 Federal tax return
Dependents because of a Qualified Medical Child Support Order • Qualified Medical Child Support Order (must be for the employee)
  1. You must enroll your eligible dependents during the enrollment period. You cannot add them later unless you have a family status change.

  2. If you are adding a new dependent during this open enrollment or calendar year you must provide the date of birth and Social Security number for your dependents, as required by the Affordable Care Act.

  3. If you add a new dependent during this open enrollment, you must verify that he or she is eligible by submitting required documentation.

  4. Faculty and staff who have a spouse or Legally Domiciled Adult (LDA) on the Loyola Medical Plan, will automatically be assessed a $100 monthly spousal/LDA Premium.
    • The premium will only apply if your spouse or LDA works full-time and is eligible for medical coverage through his or her own employer but chooses to enroll in the Loyola University medical plan as his/her primary plan.
Check to see if your spouse or partner are eligible for the Spousal-LDA Premium Waiver.