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Human Resources


Open Enrollment 2018

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Human Resources is excited to share with you information regarding Benefits Open Enrollment for 2018. Beginning November 1, Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to review and make changes to your benefit choices based on your personal and family needs for the coming year. We encourage you to take the time to thoroughly review the information over the next few weeks so that you are prepared to make informed decisions when selecting your 2018 benefits.

Loyola has made wellness a priority. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only benefits your well-being, but it collectively improves the health of the University community and keeps health care costs level. We are implementing programs and services designed to help faculty and staff members live a healthy and active lifestyle. Subsequently, a comprehensive benefit program is offered each year, and Loyola covers more than 70 percent of the cost of these benefits. A number of new benefit offerings and changes will be available for 2018:

  • Wellness Incentive: Beginning January 1, 2018, medical plan participants, including covered spouses/legally domiciled adults, will be required to participate in the biometric screening and complete the Health Power Assessment in order to receive a $50-per-month health insurance premium reduction.
  • Tobacco Premium: Beginning January 1, 2018, employees enrolled in the medical plan who have used tobacco products in the last three months, will incur a $50-per-month charge on your medical premium.
  • New Medical Plan Option: Beginning January 1, 2018, a second PPO medical plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield will be introduced. If you select this plan, you will pay less up front—with lower monthly premiums—but please be prepared to pay a higher deductible.
  • Change to Prescription Drug Benefit: Beginning January 1, 2018, a new company will administer the prescription drug benefit that is part of our medical plan. Loyola has worked to minimize disruption for members, and employees are encouraged to review information provided in preparation for this change.
  • Compare Costs for Rewards: Beginning January 1, 2018, medical plan participants can earn cash back if you elect to use lower cost providers for most ancillary services. Contact a Benefits Value Advisor to help compare costs on your next procedure and the cash reward may vary from $50–$500 depending on the medical care performed. Your rewards are subject to tax.
  • New Benefits Counseling: Meet Alex, your new personalized benefits counselor. During Open Enrollment, Loyola will introduce a new online communication and decision-making tool named “Alex.” This tool will be available to help you better understand our competitive and comprehensive benefits. Alex will provide interactive assistance to help you determine which plans are the best fit for you and your family.

Biometric Screening
In keeping our commitment to creating a healthy environment, Loyola provides medical plan participants with an opportunity to receive a health insurance premium discount by participating in our wellness program’s free biometric screening and Health Power Assessment offered during the HealthDays Benefit Fairs (and on other select days at each campus). Those who have had a biometric screening performed in 2017 can also submit their results from a doctor/facility provider. Faculty and staff members who receive their biometric screenings will not only receive a personal report at their home, but also a $50 per month reduction in their health insurance premiums.

Please read this Highlights Brochure and upcoming benefits-related communication for more details about new and existing benefits offered in 2018. We also encourage you to attend the HealthDays Benefit Fairs held on each campus where benefit vendors will be available to provide details about benefit plans, including wellness opportunities.

Lastly, please take time to review the Open Enrollment checklist provided in this booklet. All open enrollment changes need to be completed in Employee Self-Service by November 22, 2017, in order to be effective January 1, 2018. For your reference, Employee Self-Service is compatible with all internet browsers, except Microsoft Edge.

As we move forward, our goal is to continue fostering a healthy and appealing workplace. We hope that the efforts of our annual benefits review, coupled with competitive market pricing and transparent communication, will help faculty and staff members become more aware of the University’s diverse and valuable resources.

Should you have additional questions regarding benefit offerings, please feel free to contact Human Resources at benefits@luc.edu.

Thank you for your thoughtful review of this information, and please be on the lookout for additional communications.


Winifred L. Williams, PhD
Vice President for Human Resources
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer