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Leave of Absence Checklist

Academic Year (Leave of Absence) Requests
Faculty members who are on a 12-month contract will only need to file a Leave of Absence claim if they will be out of the office during their regular scheduled time to return (around August of each year) to work.

Leave of Absence Request Responsibilities

  • A faculty member must notify their Chairperson/Dean in advance to the leave.
  • A faculty member must then contact Matrix Absence Management and formally file their leave of absence.
  • A faculty member must always contact their Dean and Faculty Administration to initiate a request for a non-medical or unpaid LOA first.

Maternity Leave – A faculty member needs to write a letter to their Chair/Dean to request a specific semester off.

  • Only Faculty Administration can approve Maternity Leave requests.
  • Human Resources will receive a formal approval letter from Faculty Administration regarding Maternity Leave requests.

Reporting a Leave of Absence:
Employees will be able to report leaves three ways:

  • Telephonic reporting: 1.877.202.0055
  • Online reporting: matrixabsence.com (International submissions not accepted online)
  • Apple and Android applications 

Summer (Leave of Absence) Requests
Faculty members who are on a 9-month contract and do not work during the summer, should only file a Leave of Absence claim if they anticipate being on leave when the fall term begins.  Those leave claims should be filed with Matrix no sooner than 30-45 days prior to the beginning of the term.


Loyola University Chicago's administrator for Leave of Absence and Disability programs is Matrix Absence Management. In case of absence due to a serious health condition for more than three consecutive workdays, an employee is required to notify his or her supervisor and must also report the leave to Matrix Absence Management.

  • Matrix Absence Management also administers the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), State Leave Laws where applicable, Military, Personal Medical, and Personal / General Leaves.


  • General Leave of Absence and FMLAhttp://www.luc.edu/hr/policies/policy_loafmla.shtml
    • A leave of absence may be granted to maintain continuity of service when extenuating circumstances require an employee's absence. A staff employee with six or more months of service is eligible for a general leave of absence in up to 12- week or three month increments to a maximum period equal to one's length of employment but for no longer than two years.

    • FMLA: Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), an employee, after working 12 months (not necessarily consecutive) and 1,250 hours actively worked (does not include leave hours, holiday hours, etc.), is eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, on a rolling calendar year basis, unless circumstances allow paid-time-off banks to be used.

  • Short-Term Disabilityhttp://www.luc.edu/hr/policies/policy_shorttermdisability.shtml
    • Loyola provides a Short-Term Disability Program for regular full-time benefit eligible employees who become eligible to participate on the first (1st) day of the month following completion of six (6) months of continuous full time active service.

    • Any illness or impairment of health verified by a certified doctor’s written statement, that requires an employee to be absent from work for more than three continuous working days, qualifies an employee for consideration of benefits under the Short-Term Disability program.

    • If an employee is unable to work due to short-term disability that lasts longer than 180 days/six months or 90 consecutive days/ three months (depending on the employee’s classification, he or she may be entitled to benefits under the University’s Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan.

Helpful Information

  • Notify your department's HR Manager ASAP regarding leave of absence requests.
    • Human Resources will complete a Personnel Action Form to update the payroll system to reflect an employee's approved leave status.
    • You will be provided with information on how to appropriately code an employee's KRONOS timecard to reflect a leave status.  
  • Return to work authorization notes may be required for individuals on leave. Matrix Absence Management will follow-up with individuals on leave to request a doctor's note should one be required.

Accommodation Policy

If a faculty or staff member is not eligible for Short-Term Disability or FMLA, they may be eligible for an accommodation or general leave of absence. Additionally, if a reasonable accommodation is necessary when a faculty or staff member is returning to work please review the Accommodation Policy.



If you expect to be out of work for more than three days (e.g. Short-Term Disability),
  1. Inform your manager as soon as possible.
  2. Submit your claim via Matrix Absence Management via an *iPhone or Android device, the web: www.matrixabsence.com or telephone: 877-202-0055.  (International submissions not accepted online)
  3. Checkout the Matrix - Employee Support Guide to learn more about filing a claim with Matrix Absence Management.
  4. Submit all completed paperwork to Matrix Absence Management within 15 calendar days in order for your leave of absence request to be processed. This includes the paperwork from your physician. If your completed paperwork is not returned to Matrix within 15 days, your request for leave may be denied.
  5. Obtain a copy of your Job Description from your Manager. This information may be shared with Matrix Absence Management.
  6. Prepare to transfer your work: Develop a knowledge base reflecting your work duties.
  7. Post the knowledge transfer information onto your department's shared drive.
  8. Set up an away message in your email and voicemail accounts. 
  9. If you are on leave due to a birth or adoption of a child, contact the Benefits Department at benefits@luc.edu within 31 days to complete a family status change form in order to add the child to your health insurance. You may also want to update your life insurance and retirement plan beneficiary information.
  10. If desired, please review and update your tax-withholding amounts with Human Resources.
  11. When you are ready to return to work, notify your manager one week prior to your return and also complete your Return to Work (RTW) forms. Matrix Absence Management will provide you with additional details.
  12. Stay connected with Matrix Absence Management regarding your leave status - as discussed with the Intake Specialist. Matrix Absence Management will provide you with more information regarding returning to work, including any medical notes authorizing your return to work.
  13. If a reasonable accommodation is necessary when returning to work, please refer to the Human Resources website regarding reasonable accommodations.
Learn more about disability** pay: Short-Term Disability or General Leave of Absence and Family/Medical Leave Act

*Using an iPhone App *Using an Android App
Visit: www.matrixabsence.com to create an eServices account.
Then, search for “eServices” in iTunes or the app store on your iPhone to download the free app. The first time the app launches on your phone, you will be asked to log in.
Visit www.matrixabsence.com to create an eServices account.
Then, search for “Matrix eServices Mobile” in the Android “play store” or Google play site from your Android phone to download the free app.  The first time the app launches on your phone, you will be asked to log in.

 **If you are not eligible for Short-Term Disability or FMLA, you may be eligible for an accommodation or a general leave of absence.