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PeopleAdmin FAQs

Yes. We will use PeopleAdmin 7.6 to create, update, and recruit for faculty positions at Loyola.
Information in PeopleAdmin 5.8 remains intact and accessible for one year. If you had ongoing recruitments in the system prior to the go-live date (May 30, 2017) of PeopleAdmin 7.6, the records and applicants who applied remain in PeopleAdmin 5.8.
  • Candidate material review, EEO Reports, and Hiring Proposals can still be performed in the old system.
Active postings in PeopleAdmin version 5.8 will not be searchable on careers.luc.edu after May 30, 2017.
  • Candidates can launch the 5.8 applicant website from careers.luc.edu
PeopleAdmin 5.8 Access
PeopleAdmin 5.8 information is accessible (post PeopleAdmin 7.6 launch) via the Hiring Manager and Applicants portal's:
Faculty or Staff members who need to hire someone for an open position may send an email to their departments HR Manager to request Hiring Manager access to PeopleAdmin 7.6.
As a reminder with this upgrade to the new platform, current PeopleAdmin 5.8 information, specifically, job postings and applicant profiles, will not transition to the PeopleAdmin 7.6 platform.
Current Posting
Hiring Manager's with a current (active) posting in PeopleAdmin 5.8 may continue the recruitment process in the current system - including post launch (May 30, 2017).
  • Quick links to the posting will need to be updated. See below.
  • This MAY NOT apply to "approved pending requests." Please see the Approved Pending Request's section below.
  • A Hiring Manager may closeout the posting in PeopleAdmin 5.8 and relocate the posting to 7.6. However, applicants will need to apply for the position in PeopleAdmin 7.6 AFTER they create a new account.
Quick Link's
Quick links created in PeopleAdmin 5.8 will no longer work. Current positions on external websites (i.e. HigheredJobs.com) containing quick links to the job posting residing at luc.edu/careers will need to be updated to allow applicants to reach the posting located on Loyola's careers website.
  • For example, quick link posting URLs used in ads you placed and reference letter URLs sent from version 5.8 will no longer be active.
  • Hiring departments will need to work with Human Resources and Faculty Administration to update the links to the 5.8 website.
Posting Continuation
If a posting needs to be continued, it must be re-posted in PeopleAdmin 7.6. In addition, if an applicant would like to apply for a job opportunity listed in PeopleAdmin 7.6, they need to create a new user account.
  • Please keep in mind, if a recruitment process concluded in PeopleAdmin 5.8, and you would like to begin the selection process, you may do so in PeopleAdmin 5.8.
If a posting was created in PeopleAdmin 5.8 has closed, and the hiring department would like to reopen the search, then the posting must be entered into PeopleAdmin 7.6.
Approved Pending Request's
Hiring Managers who have an approved pending request to recruit in PeopleAdmin 5.8 will be notified by Human Resources regarding whether or not the position will reside in PeopleAdmin 5.8 or relocate to 7.6 as the launch date nears.
  • Human Resources will contact Hiring Managers closer to the launch date.
Resignation or Retirement Notifications
Hiring Managers who receive a resignation or retirement notice from a staff member on their team may recruit for the position in PeopleAdmin 5.8 until May 29, 2017.
  • If the request to recruit is approved AFTER the launch date (May 30, 2017), the posting will appear in PeopleAdmin 7.6
PeopleAdmin 5.8 Access
PeopleAdmin 5.8 can be accessed after PeopleAdmin 7.6 is launched (May 30, 2017).
  • A special link to access PeopleAdmin 5.8 will appear on Loyola's careers website as the launch date nears: http://luc.edu/hr/careers/.

PeopleAdmin 5.8 Deadline

  • Please contact Human Resources (careers@luc.edu) regarding PeopleAdmin questions.
PeopleAdmin 5.8 Access
PeopleAdmin 5.8 information is accessible (post PeopleAdmin 7.6 launch) via the Hiring Manager and Applicants portal's:
Candidates will need to complete a new, separate username and password in PeopleAdmin 7.6.
  • Once a new account is created, an applicant can search, and apply for, available job openings. 
We are excited that you would like to learn more about PeopleAdmin 7.6. Checkout the upcoming on-site and on-line training opportunities at Lake Shore, Water Tower, Health Sciences Division campuses and ZOOM.
Please register for PeopleAdmin training courses via EMERGE.
  • ZOOM meeting information will be provided to course registrants closer to the scheduled course date.
On-demand Training
A number of online training video tutorials and guides will be available here.
Future Training
Please check this site in the future regarding additional training opportunities presented through Loyola's training and development program, EMERGE!