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To review the university’s Tuition Benefit Policy please visit the Tuition Benefit Policy website.   

Loyola University Chicago offers a tuition waiver program to full-time, benefits eligible faculty and staff (including employees actively on short-term disability and long-term disability), qualified retirees, and/or their spouses, legally domiciled adults and dependent children up to the age of 24 after one year of continuous full-time employment.
  • If your one-year anniversary falls after the start of any semester/quarter you or your dependent(s) cannot use the benefit until the next semester/quarter AFTER your one-year anniversary.
For faculty and staff, and their dependents receiving the benefit, this waiver program will pay the cost of tuition only for University coursework (degree and non-degree seeking courses); However, it does not cover course fees (i.e. technology and late fees), cost of books, room and board, or required program deposits. Please keep in mind, courses eligible for the tuition benefit must be billed through LOCUS.
  • The tuition benefit will apply to all semesters which include the Fall, J-Term, Spring, Summer (Sessions I and II), online courses, Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, Summer Scholars Program (for high-school students), and qualified study abroad programs.
  • Tuition benefit for employees, and dependent spouses, and LDA’s is only available at the Loyola University Chicago; There will be no reimbursement for courses taken outside of Loyola University Chicago.
  • Dependent children under the age of 24 are able to use the benefit at Loyola University Chicago, and any Jesuit Institution which are part of the FACHEX program for undergraduate programs only.
  • Enrollment in the FACHEX program is not automated and subject to a separate application process.
Full-time, benefits eligible faculty and staff members who have completed one year of continuous full-time, benefits-eligible employment. If your one-year anniversary falls after the start of any semester/quarter you or your dependent(s) cannot use the benefit until the next semester/quarter:
  • Dependent children up to the age of 24 years old, spouses and legally domiciled adults (LDA's) of full-time, benefits-eligible faculty and staff members that have completed one year of continuous full-time, benefits-eligible employment
  • Loyola University Medical Center employees who transfer to the Lakeside or Health Science Division campuses that have had one or more years of continuous full-time, benefits-eligible employment
  • Retirees who were at least 60 years old and were full-time benefits eligible faculty or staff members with at least 10 years of employment prior to retirement. This includes their spouse and eligible dependents
  • Deceased employees’ dependent children up to the 24 years old that had more than 10 years of continuous full-time, benefits eligible service with the University at the time of death
The tuition benefit can be applied to all programs with the exception of:
  • Arrupe College
  • Stritch School of Medicine
  • School of Law
  • Executive Education programs,
  • Certain executive MBA cohort-based programs
  • ESL and any program that is not conferred at Loyola University Chicago.
Certain certificates are covered only if the program charges tuition, are billed through LOCUS and follow the other aforementioned requirements.
If the courses are taught by the Continuum program or are fee based and do not charge tuition, the program will not be covered by the tuition benefit. Please contact your program directly prior to enrollment to clarify the course structure and how the course is billed.
The application of the tuition benefit is an automated process - therefore no paper form or verification is needed by Human Resources.
  • Employees and their dependents must complete the FAFSA form if they are registering for two or more classes and make sure their dependents are listed properly in Employee Self Service. Their date of birth and entire SSN are needed. If your dependent does not have a SSN please contact the benefits department directly.
    • The tuition benefit cannot be applied until you have registered for classes as the benefit is applied according to course schedules.
    • Other aid such had awards, grants, scholarships, and loans may affect the amount of tuition benefit.
If you or your dependent are receiving additional aid and need more information about how the tuition benefit will be applied, please contact the Financial Aid Department’s Scholarship Director (emoore@luc.edu).
  • There is no restriction on employees and their dependents receiving the benefit at the same time. If you wish to audit a class please send an e-mail to emoore@luc.edu and benefits@luc.edu once you have registered for a class.
The application and acceptance process is the same for both employees and their dependents:
  • Apply for admission.
  • Gain acceptance to Loyola University Chicago and the program selected.
  • Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form online at www.fafsa.ed.gov using Loyola University Chicago School Code 001710.
    • The FAFSA must be renewed by March of each calendar year for the next academic year for degree and non-degree seeking students.
    • If you take less than two courses but are degree seeking you must complete the FAFSA.
    • If the FAFSA form is unfamiliar to you please visit the website above or contact the Financial Aid office for more information 773.508.7704.
  • Complete the registration process.
  • Pay any fees or tuition not covered by the Tuition Benefit policy. You can check your tuition balance and associated fees using the LOCUS Student portal. Please keep in mind the tuition benefit will not be added to student accounts until after the add/drop period of the semester enrolled.
Eligible employees are able to receive the benefit for the Summer Semesters (all sessions), Fall, J-Term, Spring and approved study abroad programs.
  • Undergraduate students: Tuition benefit pays 100% of tuition which only covers three courses (nine semester hours) per semester or two courses per quarter (eight quarter hours). Employees are financially responsible for tuition and fees not covered by the tuition benefit policy. *For students who wish to enroll in the J-Term please see below. The undergraduate tuition benefit is non-taxable.
  • Graduate students: The tuition benefit pays 100% of tuition, which covers two courses per semester (eight semester hours) or two per quarter (eight quarter hours).
    • The Stritch School of Medicine, The School of Law, Continuum (non-credit) courses, executive education programs, executive MBA cohort program, and any other program that is not conferred at Loyola University Chicago are ineligible for the tuition benefit. Please check with the school or college associated with each course to determine where the degree is conferred.
    • Graduate program students who need to complete undergrad courses as a prerequisite requirement for their graduate program the undergrad courses taken will fall under the limitations of the graduate program policy. *For students that choose to enroll in the J-Term please see below. 
    • The graduate tuition benefit is taxable. Federal law currently makes any graduate tuition benefit provided in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year subject to federal and state income tax, as well as social security withholdings.
      • Graduate tuition benefits received in excess of $5,250 in a calendar year is imputed as income and taxed based on current income tax tables and tax bracket.
      • Additional tax withholdings for this taxable tuition benefit will be taken from paychecks during the course of the academic term for which tuition benefits apply.
      • Programs can overlap from one quarter/semester to the next and may have an impact on your tuition benefit and taxable income.
Tuition benefits ends when the employee completes the program, when they are no longer in compliance with university academic policies or when the employee voluntarily/involuntarily terminates their employment with the University.

*For J-Term students: Please check with the program to make sure that the tuition is charged during J-Term and not the Spring Semester. If tuition for the J-Term courses are charged during the Spring Semester you will only receive the benefit for three courses per semester/nine credit hours for undergrad studies and two courses/eight quarter hours allowed for graduate studies. Any course load above policy limits will be the financial responsibility of the student enrolled. Programs are subject to change at any time so please contact your program prior to enrolling in classes. How a class is billed is determined by the bursar's office. The semester or quarter in which a class is taught and subsequently billed is determined by the department chair and the bursar's office. Any discrepancy or miscommunication in the student syllabus in regards to how and when a class is billed should be discussed with the courses department and bursar's office as it can have an impact on financial aid and tuition benefit.
Dependents are only eligible to receive the tuition benefit for undergrad courses and programs. Dependent children are eligible for the benefit until the age of 24 only. If your dependent child reaches the age of 24 prior to the start of the semester they are no longer eligible to receive the tuition benefit. However if they reach 24 mid-semester they can continue to receive the benefit until the end of the semester only. The Tuition Benefit for all eligible dependents will not be added until they have registered for courses and completed the FAFSA. Dependent children are able to receive the benefit for the Summer Scholars Program, Summer Semesters (all sessions), Fall, J-Term, Spring and approved study abroad programs. Dependent children, spouses/LDA’s are not eligible for the tuition benefit for graduate programs.

Employees and/or their dependents are responsible for a dependent tuition benefit co-pay which applies to each semester/session a dependent is enrolled. Beginning July 1, 2017 the co-pay will be 10% of the full tuition cost. The co-pay is due every semester for which the dependent is enrolled. For summer semesters each session will have separate co-pay. All fees, deposits and co-pays should be paid through the bursar's office. If you have questions about how to pay the various fees, co-pays or non-tuition related charges please contact the bursar's office directly 773.508.7705.

Undergraduate tuition benefit is non-taxable. However, please note that any LDA tuition benefit received is taxable and imputed as income for the employee. Human Resources will add the value of the benefit to the employee's bi-weekly or monthly pay and the employee will be taxed on that amount.

Summer Scholars Program—Since the Summers Scholars program isn't a traditional undergrad program so no FAFSA form is required. Employees simply need to enroll their high school age dependent children in the Summer Scholars program. All fees are paid through the bursar's office. No verification from Human Resources or additional forms are required for participation. For more information, contact Omega Styles, Summers Scholars program coordinator, at 773.508.8349.

Faculty and Staff Children Exchange Program (FACHEX)—The FACHEX program is an undergraduate tuition remission program which allows dependents eligible for tuition benefits at the “home” institution to apply for the same benefits at other participating Jesuit institutions.

The FACHEX program has its own application procedures separate from Loyola University Chicago. The application process including deadlines and qualifications can vary by university. The number of FACHEX spaces is limited at each institution and can be very competitive. As a result, there are no guarantees to employees that they will be able to utilize the FACHEX benefit at the institution of their choice. It's recommended that employees and their dependents apply for the FACHEX program of their choice by their dependent child(ren) 1st semester of their Senior year of high school. High school dependents of eligible retirees can participate in the FACHEX program as well.

For retiree eligibility please see our policy. FACHEX participants are also subject to the guidelines of the FACHEX program in addition to the guidelines set forth by Loyola University Chicago tuition benefit policy. For more information, please visit the Faculty and Staff Children Exchange (FACHEX) program or contact the FACHEX coordinator Edward Moore for more information 773.508.8928 or emoore@luc.edu

Retirees (or their dependents) must meet the eligibility requirements noted in our policy prior to their enrollment and application of the benefit. Spouses and dependents of active or deceased retirees must send email to benefits@luc.edu and emoore@luc.edu prior to their enrollment and every semester thereafter if they wish to receive the benefit.
The tuition benefit policy for TRINITY/LUMC employees is different from the Lakeside and HSD campuses. For more details please contact LUMC HR at 708.216.9409.
Edited: 7/28/2016, 3/7/17