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Loyola Faculty & Staff Opinion Survey


On Monday, March 9, 2015, the University conducted its third employee engagement survey. Employee engagement surveys are a type of tool that organizations use to gather employee perceptions about the workplace. The University conducted its first survey in 2007 and the second one in 2010. Employee participation in the survey process has been well above the norm, with a 72 percent response rate in 2007 and a 76.9 percent response rate in 2010.
New to the 2015 survey administration were the inclusions of the Health Science Division, Loyolans at the Cuneo Mansion and Gardens, and the Retreat and Ecology Campus. All full-time faculty and full-time and part-time staff hired prior to February 9, 2015 were encouraged to participate.
Once again, the University partnered with Towers Watson, an internationally recognized vendor of organizational development services, to administer the survey.
  • Towers Watson manages the survey process, as well as sending and receiving all survey responses.
  • No one at the University will be able to access individual survey responses, and only aggregate data will be shared.
  • Each department/school must have at least 10 respondents before a report summarizing the data is shared. Twenty respondents must complete the "comments" section of the survey before a Summary Comment report is produced. These efforts help ensure maintained confidentiality.
  • The average Loyolan completed the survey in approximately 20 minutes. If you have questions about the survey process, please contact Human Resources at HR-LSC@luc.edu

Frequently asked questions

An engagement survey measures employees' positive or negative perceptions about the organization that employs them. Organizations like Loyola University Chicago have realized that there is a positive correlation between employees' positive feelings about the workplace and other measures such as productivity, profitability, motivation, quality of customer service, and retention. Typically, when there are high levels of employee engagement, there is a decrease in absenteeism and attrition.
All full-time faculty and full- and part-time staff members that joined the University prior to February 9, 2015 are invited to participate in the survey.
  • All of the University's campuses, Lake Shore, Water Tower, Health Sciences, and John Felice Rome Center, will participate in the survey.
  • For the first time, Loyolans at the Health Science Division, Cuneo Mansion and Gardens, and the Retreat and Ecology Campus will participate.
The University is working with Towers Watson, an internationally recognized vendor in organizational development work (i.e. engagement surveys), to design and administer the survey.
  • On March 9, full-time faculty and full- and part-time staff members (those who were hired prior to February 9) will receive an email message from Towers Watson. Embedded in the e-mail message will be a link that, once accessed, will allow employees to complete the survey.
The e-mail message will be addressed from loyolasurvey@towerswatson.com. If you don't receive the email message in your Outlook inbox, please check your spam mailbox to see if the e-mail was inadvertently sent there.
You must complete your survey by March 20, 2015, at 5 p.m., in order for your responses to be included in the survey process.
There are 91 items covering 13 categories such as: Talent Management, Resources and Efficiency, Management, Senior Leadership, Performance Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Strategic Direction, and Mission. There are supplemental questions developed for both staff and faculty, as well as a comments section.
  • The average Loyolan should complete the survey in approximately 20 minutes.
Towers Watson, our survey partner, sends and receives all the email messages about survey. No one at Loyola University Chicago has access to any individual survey responses.
  • After March 20, 2015, Towers Watson will process the survey responses, sharing only aggregate data. In order to ensure confidentiality, only departments/schools that had at least 10 respondents will receive a report of their survey data. Departments/schools with less than 10 respondents will have their data "rolled up" and included in the next higher level in their organizational hierarchy.
In order for a department/school to receive a "comments" report from their survey data, at least 20 respondents must participate.
  • If the department/school has less than 20 respondents sharing in the "comments" section of the survey, a report will not be generated. The data will "roll up" and be included in the next higher level.
Most Loyolans will complete the survey online. However, there are some employees that will complete a paper version of the survey. Their manager is responsible for collecting the paper responses, sealing, and mailing them in the specially provided ballot box, to Towers Watson for processing.
Towers Watson will take approximately four weeks to process the survey data.
  • Presentations to share the survey findings will be scheduled with senior leaders in late April. Following those meetings, the survey results will be shared via a newsletter distributed to all employees and through employee meetings.
  • Each department/school also has a survey Planning Coordinator. The Planning Coordinator is responsible for sharing the results at the department/school level. In addition to analyzing the data, Planning Coordinators work with their senior leader to identify areas for improvement and create interventions to affect change.