Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

HGSA Officers


Ella Wagner is a third year student in the U.S. History and Public History PhD program. Her research focuses on the Cold War and the American national security state. She has worked at the Newberry Library and the Evanston History Center, and before coming to Loyola was a program assistant at the Social Science Research Council.

Vice President: 

Lucas Coyne is a third year PhD student in American History. His research primarily focuses on the intersection between technology and culture, particularly in urban settings. He also is interested in the digital humanities and utilizing new tools for historical research.


Marie Pellissier is currently an M.A. student in Loyola University Chicago’s Public History program. She holds a B.A. in History from Boston College. Her academic interests include early American history, material and print culture, women’s history and food history. After completing her M.A., she hopes to pursue a PhD and a career in public history.


Kate Johnson is a second year M.A. student in the Public History program. Her career interests include museum interpretation and administration, with a research focus in women's history. She currently works at the Women and Leadership Archive and the Frances Willard House Museum. Prior to coming to Loyola, she worked at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

Media Coordinator:

Kristin Jacobsen is a master's student with a major in American History and a minor in Public History. She is interested in immigration, particularly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries from Denmark. She also has a background as a librarian and a journalist. 

Chairs, Conference Committee: Charis Caputo and Matthew Amyx
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Katherine Macica
Chair, Public History Committee: Kelly Schmidt
Chair, Public History Lab: Karen Sieber 
Chairs, Historians for a Just Society: Nathan Ellstrand and Stephen Petrie

Past Cabinet Members & Committee Chairs


President: Kelly Schmidt
Vice-President: Ruby Oram
Treasurer: Shannon Pimmel
Secretary: Megan Bordewyk 
Media Coordinator: Lucas Coyne

Chairs, Conference Committee: Julia Lacher and Shannon Pimmel

Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Katherine Macica

Chair, Public History Committee: Ella Wagner

Chair, Public History Lab: Hope Shannon


President: Hope Shannon
Vice-President: Fazila Kabahita
Treasurer: Kelly Schmidt
Secretary: Maggie McClain
Media Coordinator: Lauren O'Brien

Chairs, Conference Committee: Fazila Kabahita and Amelia Serafine
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Katherine Macica
Chair, Public History Committee: Ruby Oram
Chair, Public History Lab: Katherine Macica 


President: Katherine Macica
Vice-President: Samantha Smith
Treasurer: Hope Shannon
Secretary: Jennifer Pederson
Media Coordinator: Adam Widera

Chairs, Conference Committee: Hope Shannon and Adam Widera 
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Amy Oberlin
Chair, Public History Committee: William Ippen


President: Rachel Boyle
Vice-President: Pamela Johnson
Treasurer: Katherine Macica
Secretary: Kim Connelly Hicks
Media Coordinator: Aaron Brunmeier

Chairs, Conference Committee: Aaron Brunmeier and Katherine Macica
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Amy Oberlin
Chair, Public History Committee: Chelsea Denault


President: Amelia Serafine
Vice-President: Gregory Ruth
Treasurer: Laura Johns
Secretary: Grace Pekar
Media Coordinator: Rachel Boyle

Chair, Conference Committee: Laura Johns
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Amy Oberlin
Chair, Public History Committee: Anne Cullen


President: Peter Kotowski
Vice-President: Steven Catania
Treasurer: Christopher Ramsey
Secretary: Amelia Serafine
Media Coordinator: William Ippen

Chairs, Conference Committee: Peter Kotowski
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Amy Oberlin


President: Justin Dickerson
Vice-President: Andrew Altepeter 
Treasurer: Brooke Wibracht 
Secretary: Peter Kotowski 
Media Coordinator: Paige Halpin 

Chair, Conference Committee: Justin Dickerson 
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: Amy Oberlin


President: Susan Garneau
Vice-President: Steven Catania 
Treasurer: Megan Stout 
Secretary: Peter Kotowski 
Media Coordinator: 

Chair, Conference Committee: Susan Garneau
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: 


President: Stella Ress 
Vice-President: Melissa Cushing-Davis
Treasurer: Megan Stout 
Secretary: Elizabeth Matelski 
Media Director: Albert Vogt III

Chair, Conference Committee: Stella Ress 
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: 


President: Jason Myers 
Vice-President: Stella Ress
Treasurer: Lisa Davis 
Secretary: Abbey Cullen 
Media Director: Maria Reynolds

Chair, Conference Committee: Jason Myers
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: 


President: Elizabeth Hoffman 
Vice-President: Jason Myers 
Treasurer: Stella Ress 
Secretary: Jessica Ostrom 
Media Director: Maria Reynolds 

Chair, Conference Committee: Elizabeth Hoffman 
Chair, Dissertation Writing Group: 


President: Jennifer Searcy
Vice-President: Elizabeth Hoffman
Treasurer: Jason Myers
Secretary: Jennifer Bridge

Chair, Conference Committee: Jennifer Searcy


President: Dejan Kralj