Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Dissertations in progress


Dissertator: Cline, Douglas W.
Advisor: Gilfoyle, Timothy J.
Dissertation title: "I am the Queen of Heaven': Catholicism and the Miraculous in Nineteenth-Century Wisconsin"

Dissertator: Ippen, William
Advisor: Karamanski, Theodore & Platt, Harold
Dissertation Title: "Threads that Bind: Cotton, Unfree Labor, and the Ecology of Capitalism"

Dissertation: Jeremie-Brink, Nathan
Advisor: Roberts, Kyle
Dissertation title: “Gratuitous Distribution”: Distributing African American Antislavery Texts, 1773–1845

Dissertator: Kelleher, John P.
Advisor: Manning, Christopher
Dissertation title: "The Entrepreneur as Hero:  Peter V. Ueberroth and Rise of Neoliberalism in the Reagan Era"

Dissertator: Macica, Katherine
Advisor: Mooney-Melvin, Patricia
Dissertation title: "Environments of War: The Pacific Northwest and the Waging of World War II"

Dissertator: O’Gorman, Daniel M.
Rosenwein, Barbara H.
Dissertation title:
“Institution and Identity: Anglo-Saxon Ethnogenesis in the Pre-Conquest Century”

Dissertator: Perez, Nicole
Advisor: Nickerson, Michelle

Dissertation title: "The Audacity to Dream": Black Suburbanization in Metropolitan Detroit, 1920–1990

Dissertator: Phelps, Noah P.
Advisor: Bucholz, Robert O.
Dissertation title: "Transport for London: London's Transportation Environment, 1550–1750"

Dissertator: Ruth, Gregory
Advisor: Gilfoyle, Timothy J.
Dissertation title:
"Pancho Gonzales' Racket: Citizenship and Celebrity in the Creation of Modern Tennis"

Dissertator: Rivera, Marisol
Advisor: Manning, Christopher
Dissertation title: "Dime con Quién Andas, Y te Diré Quién Eres: Latinos in the Chicago Political Realm from the 1960s to the 1980s"

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