Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Council Members

Academic Year 2016-2017

Applied Statistics—Dr. Timothy O'Brien

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology—Dr. Mitchell Denning

Bioethics and Health Policy—Dr. Kayhan Parsi

Biology (MA, Medical Sciences)—Dr. Dawn Franks

Biology (MS)—Dr. Tim Hoellein (Fall); Dr. Terry Grande (Spring)

Cell & Molecular Physiology—Dr. Erika Piedras-Renteria

Chemistry and Biochemistry—Dr. Martina Schmeling

Clinical Research Methods & Epidemiology—Dr. Jennifer Layden

Computer Science/Information Technology/Software Engineering—Dr. Channah Naiman

Counseling Psychology/Community Counseling—Dr. Steven Brown

Criminal Justice & Criminology—Dr. David Olson

Cultural & Educational Policy Studies—Dr. Noah Sobe 

Curriculum Committee of Health Sciences Division—Dr. Nancy Zeleznik-Le

Dietetics (MS)—Dr. Joanne Kouba

Digital Humanities—Dr. James Knapp

English—Dr. James Knapp

Erikson Institute—Dr. Jon Korfmacher

Higher Education (Higher Ed & Admin/Super)—Dr. John Dugan

History—Dr. Michelle Nickerson

Infectious Disease and Immunology—Dr. Makio Iwashima

Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences—Dr. Leanne Cribbs

Integrative Cell Biology—Dr. Phong Le

Mathematics—Dr. Rafal Goebel

MD/PhD—Dr. Charles Hemenway

Microbiology and Immunology—Dr. Karen Visick

Modern Languages & Literatures—Dr. D. Scott Hendrickson, SJ (Fall); Dr. Ana Rodríguez Navas (Spring)

Molecular Pharmacology & Therapeutics (PhD, MS)—Dr. Kenneth Byron

Molecular Pharmacology & Therapeutics (MS/MBA)—Dr. William Simmons

Neuroscience—Dr. Karie Scrogin

Nursing—Dr. Barbara Velsor-Friedrich

Philosophy—Dr. Victoria Wike

Political Science—Dr. Peter Sanchez

Psychology—Dr. R. Scott Tindale

Public Health—Dr. David Shoham

School Psychology—Dr. Markeda Newell

Social Work—Dr. Teresa Kilbane

Sociology—Dr. Kelly Moore

Theology—Dr. Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar

Urban Affairs and Public Policy—Dr. Annette Steinacker

Women’s Studies/Gender Studies—Dr. Suzanne Bost 


Lauren Albee, Integrative Cell Biology

Teresa Barton, Cultural & Educational Policy Studies

Rayne Bozeman, Applied Social Psychology

Grace Stevens, English