Loyola University Chicago

Water Tower Campus Life

WTC Posting Policy

This policy governs the posting on public bulletin boards in all Water Tower Campus buildings. Loyola University Chicago reserves the right to refuse or remove, without notice, materials which are judged to be contrary to these guidelines or items which have been posted without approval. Loyola University Chicago staff is not responsible for any flyers that are torn down, damaged or defaced.

Any flyer posted on a public bulletin board at Water Tower Campus must be approved and given a 2 week end-date stamp by the appropriate office, department, or school as outlined in this policy. 

Bulletin boards located inside a given department, office, college, school, or institute, are controlled by that particular department, office, etc.

Approval of a flyer for posting in one building or department does not confer approval for posting in other buildings or departments.  Each office, department, college, school, or institute determines what will be posted on bulletin boards within their area.


All postings must include the contact information for Non-Loyola entities or the name of the sponsoring LUC organization. Flyers may not exceed 11 x 17 in size unless approved by a particular office, department, college, school or institute. Items must be posted on bulletin boards, rather than tacked or taped to walls, doors, within elevators, or restrooms.  Postings found elsewhere will be removed. 

Approval Process

Flyers should be submitted in person.  Approved flyers will be stamped and approved for 2 weeks at a time, unless an exception is granted.

Two (2) flyers will be accepted for events sponsored by Loyola affiliated organizations and one (1) flyer will be accepted for non-Loyola sponsored events.

Posting approval is at the discretion of the posting manager by location.

Prohibited Postings

All content on flyers must be approved by the appropriate office, department, college, school, or institute.  Content may not include any references, either direct or indirect, to profanity, or anything that violates University Community Standards.  Graduate, Professional and Adult student clubs and organization flyers may reference the serving of alcohol; however, no flyers posted in Arrupe College may reference alcohol.