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Founders' Circle

Founders' Circle

Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, and Peter Faber were college friends whose vision, mission, and prayer were the compass that guided the Society of Jesus and shaped the proud tradition of Jesuit education and service.  The Founders’ Circle, Loyola University Chicago’s most prestigious giving society, honors the men and women who have made philanthropic gifts totaling more than $100,000 to our University and Health System.  These men and women have helped to carry on the work of these Jesuit founders.

$1,000,000+ | $500,000–$999,999 | $100,000–$499,999

Ignatius Loyola Society ($1,000,000+)

Joan and Eugene* Amoroso (BS '57)

Earl Bane*

Joyce Barry* (MUND '55)

Kathleen* and Bernard* Beazley (JD '50)

Carolyn* and James* Beck

Katherine and Michael* Birck

Robert Buehler*

Dorothy (MUND '62) and Michael Carbon, MD (BS '62) LL

Norma* and Bruce* Carroll (MD '44)

The Caveney Family

Maude* and John* Clarke

Loretta and William* Cleary (BS '50) / Jones & Cleary Roofing & Sheet Metal Fund

Nancy and Frank* Considine (PhB '43)

Linda (BS '75, MA '77) and Kevin Conway (BA '73, JD '76)

Barbara and John Cooney (JD '79)

Loretta (JD '77) and Robert Cooney (JD '78) LL

Mary Dempsey and Philip Corboy* (JD '49)

Rosemary and John Croghan (BS '52) LL

Barbara (BS '64, MEd '72) and Eugene Croisant (BBA '59, MSIR '66)

The Crown Family

Herta Cuneo LL

John Cuneo LL

Jeanne and William Dale

Lenore* and Keith* DeLashmutt (JD '51)

James DePauw*

Mary Jane* and Michael* DiCosola (MD '42)

Willouise Donovan* (BA '39)

Sally and James* Dowdle

Judith and Richard Duchossois

Vincent J. Galante* (MD '43)

Carol and Joseph* Gentile (PhB '48)

Nancy and Alvin Gorman LL

Joan Los Hank (BS '54) and William J. Hank LL

Jane* and John* Igini (MD '47)

Hollye (BSN '97, MSW '06) and Jeffrey Jacobs (JD '74)

Adelaide* (MUND '34) and Carroll* Johnson, DDS

Mignon Johnson*

Barbara and John* Keeley Jr.

Constance and Dennis Keller

Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Family Foundation

Mary Anne Kirchschlager*

Nancy W. Knowles

Cornelia Kulicek*

Rosemary* (MUND '54) and Richard* Leach (BA '48)

Jennifer Leischner Litowitz (JD '94) and Alec N. Litowitz

Evelyn* and Anthony* Majer

Carolina Panerai Mandel*

Roxanne and Rocco Martino (MBA ’78) LL

Carol and Lucian* Matusak (BA '43, MD '46)

Barry McCabe LL

Foster McGaw*

Concetta Ann* and Paul* Mooney (MEd '57)

Therese* and John* Mulcahy

Joan and John* Mullins (BSC '48) LL

Walter Neiswanger* (MD '52)

Marcella* and Conrad* Niehoff

Alfie* and Allan Norville (BS '60) LL

Marie Agnes O'Neill*

Robert Otremba* (BS '49, MS '63)

Elizabeth (BS '75) and Robert Parkinson Jr. (BBA '73, MBA '75) LL

Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation

Susan and Joseph Power Jr. (JD '77) LL

Marilyn and Michael Quinlan (PhB '67, MBA '70) LL

Christine and David* Rammler, PhD (BS '51)

Arthur Rubloff*

Vincent* and Frances* Russo

Mary and William Ryan

Kathleen Egan Schreiber and John Schreiber (BBA '68)

Trust Under the Will of John G. Searle / Searle Family Trust

Michael and Nydia Searle LL

William G.* and Marilyn M.* Simpson

Claire* and Albert* Speh

Katheryn H.* (BS '32, MSW '38) and Thomas J.* Stamm (BA '26, MD '46)

Cynthia Hank Stark and Paul Stark

Jean and Michael Sullivan (BSC '61) LL

Jeanne (MSW '76) and Joseph* Sullivan

John (BSC '59) and Terese Mulkern Terry (BS '59) LL

Judith and Robert* Van Kampen

Jean* and Charles* Walgreen Jr.

Patricia (MSW '97) and Daniel Walsh (JD '74) LL

Dorothy Weil*

Denise DeBartolo York and John York II (MD '74)

John Zukowski*




Francis Xavier Society ($500,000–$999,999)

Patrick Arbor (BSC '58)

Fern Asma (MD '46)

Margaret Baima* (MD '47)

Helen Balling*

Paul Begich* (BSC '55)

Melvin R. and Randy Lamm Berlin (JD '91) LL

Bernard Brennan* (PhB '37)

Mildred (BS '49, MEd '54) and Joseph Brodner

Jacob Brotman* (MD '33)

Ethel Burns* (BA '55)

Mary Isabelle Caestecker*

Audree* and Donald* Casey (MD '43)

James King Lee Choy* (MD '37)

Joanne Cipolla

Marie (MA '56) and James* Cowhey (BS '55)

Mark Daniels* (DDS '46)

Arthur Davis Jr.* (MSIR '71)

Evelyn Dyba*

Edward Egan* (MD '21)

Mary Anne English*

Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation

Lee and Charles* Finkl

Dorothy* and Stephen* Frawley

Helen Galvin*

Dorothy* and John* Gormley

Rosemary* and John* Grant (MD '43)

Rolf M. Gunnar, MD and Family

Pamela and George Hamel Jr.

Arthur Marc Harris*

Susanna Hayes, PhD (JFRC '62-'63, BS '64)

Judith and Marvin Herb

Marie Herzog* (MUND '62)

May Weber, MD* and Gerald M. Hoffman, PhD

Heidi and Peter Huizenga

Virginia* and Robert* Joyce

John Jozwiak* (BA '50, JD '54)

Peter M. Kelliher Sr.*

Lois* and William* Knapp (MD '46)

Shirley* and William Koloseike (BSC '51)

The Wing-Tat Lee* Family

Mary Anne Lenkay* (MD '56)

Carrie Miller*

Walter Mullady* (BS '26)

Genevieve* and Peter* Nelson (MD '26)

Virginia Piper*

Richard Poley (MD '57)

John Rosich* (BSC '30)

Mary* and Anthony* Rudis

Erica and James Sandner (BBA '61)

Helen and Jack* Schwartz

Frederick Selfridge* (MD '46)

Eleonore* (MUND '36) and Vincent* Skowronski

Marcia Friedl-Smith (JD '78) and Todd Smith (JD '76)

Irene Sheehan-Snider, MD* and Thomas Snider* (MD '51)

Mary Josephine Stack* (MA '50)

Joan Steinbrecher* (MEd '64, PhD '80)

Lucille* and Orion* Stuteville

Connie* and Bolton* Sullivan

Martin Svaglic* (BA '38, MA '40)

Alma* and Joseph* Verhaag (MD '28)

Carol Vining*

Kathleen and Charles* Walgreen III

Rita Walsh* (MD '50)

Viola Ward* (BS '35, MSW '42)

Laura and Dan Webb (JD '70)

Rosemarie* (PhB '40) and Glenn* Wessies

Elsie* and Eugene* Weyler

Charles Whittingham (BS '51) LL

Dahlia* and Louis* Zale Sr. (PhB '48)

Dorothy Wood Zietz* (MSW '46)




Peter Faber Society ($100,000–$499,999)

Vincent Accardi*

John Adank*

Adreani Foundation

Reva and Seymour Alban (MD '46)

June Albrecht-Hartt*

Alberta and William Aldinger

Margaret and William Allen III

Carmelo Andolina* (MD '41)

William Angus* (BS '53, MD '56)

Lanette* and Thomas Anton

Anthony Anzalone* (JD '40)

Carol* and Howard Arons (MBA '76)

Helen* (BS '55) and John* Ayres

Eva Bading, MD LL

Rose and Steven Bagby

Gloria and Francis* Banich (BS '54, MD '57)

M. Rita* (BSC '58) and John* Barnett (BSC '51)

Evelyn* and William* Barnett Sr. (JD '41)

Barrett Charitable Foundation

The Alben F. and Clara G. Bates Foundation

Ann* and Alvin* Baum

Jennifer and Aaron Berk

Pamela and Harlan J. Berk

Micki* and Joseph* Bernstein (JD '35)

Walter Bielawski* (BS '50, MBA '72)

Jose Biller, MD (MRES '80)

Mary Jo and James Bolan (MD '61)

Mary Jane and James Boris

Georgia* and Leonard* Borland (DDS '34)

Gregory Boshart, PhD and William Lawrence, DDS

Carolyn and James Bouchard (BBA '84)

Edna Bowens* (JD '30)

Diane Brandley* (BSN ’64)

Patricia Bugelas-Brandt and William Brandt Jr.

Debra and James J. Brasher (BBA '75)

Thomas Brisch*

Virginia* (MUND '39) and Robert* Broderick

Mary Ryan Buddig (JD '84) and Robert Buddig

Sheila Burns* (BS '63)

Anthony Caine

David Callaghan*

Kim and John Callaghan (MD '78)

Helen and Ronald* Callahan (JD '51)

Jayne Campbell* (PhB '50)

Catherine Cashman* (MUND '49, MEd '54)

L. Alice Chiang

Joan and Robert Clifford

Jane* and John Colavincenzo (MD '47) LL

Glenna Collins*

Margaret Conley* (MD '59)

Bernard Conway* (JD '50)

William Conway* (MD '38)

Anna Coughlin* (PhB '33)

Geralyn Covey Betts

Patricia* and Frank M.* Covey Jr. (BS '54, JD '57)

Jennifer and F. Michael Covey, III (JFRC ’93)

Regis P. Covey (BA '96, JD '99)

Joan Cramer* (BSN '85)

Patricia Crowley*

Elizabeth* and Edward* Cudahy

Becky D'Angelo (MUND '50)

Timothy (MBA '71) and Jacqueline Danis

Catherine and Hanley Dawson III

Ruth* and Thomas* Dean

Catherine (JFRC Fall '93) and Edward* Denten (BSC '54) LL

John Devery* (JD '28)

Nelyon Dewson*

Jean and William Divane Jr.

Sandra (BS '92, MEd '94) and William Dobozi (MD '73)

Richard Dolezal* (PhD '66)

Thomas Doody* (MD '51)

Mary Shirley* and Carl* Dorfler (BSC '49)

Patricia Ricci Doyle* and Thomas B. Doyle

Patricia and Joseph* DuCanto

Rita Dukette*

Gerard Egan (BA '53, MA '59, PhD '69)

Edward W. Elliott Jr. LL

Deborah and Mark Essig (BBA '81)

William Fahey

Elizabeth and Bernard Farkas (MSW '62)

George Fawcett Jr.* (JD '53)

Mary Kate (JFRC '63-'64) and John* Felice (MA '72)

Virginia (BBA '76) and Royal Fisher

Robert Flanigan, MD and Joan Chiaviello

Kathryn Flanner*

Margaret Foran and David Schmidt

Margo (BA '74) and David Fowler (BBA '71)

Elaine and Zollie* Frank

Ruth and Robert* Freeark

The Jessica Freundt Memorial Fund

Gary David Friedman* (JD '62)

Judith Froehlich Klamut (BS '69, MD '73, MRES '76) and Michael Klamut (MD '73, MRES '78)

Helmuth Fuchs, PhD (BS '62)

Elizabeth Funer LL

Maureen and William Gallagher

Isabel* and Robert* Gallagher

Mary and Robert* Galvin

Dr. Richard L. Gamelli and Mary C. Gamelli

Ethel Geiger*

Glenn Gentile

Mary and Raymond Georgen (MD '85)

The Hon. Susan Getzendanner (BBA '66, JD '66) and Stanton Kessler

Alexander Ghanayem, MD and Patrice Ghanayem LL

Marie (BBA' 87) and Raymond Ginther

Amy Glaister* (JD '39)

Jean* and Louis Glunz III, PhD (BS '51) LL

Rose* and John* Goedert (BA '35, JD '40)

Eileen and Leonard* Golan

David Goldman*

Jennifer and Isaac Goldman

James Gonner* (MD '44)

Mary (MUND '43) and R. James* Gormley

Myrtle Gould* (BSN '55, MSN '61)

Emilia* and James Govan

Joan Grabenstetter (MD '75)

Helen (BSN '63) and Elliot* Grace

Joseph Grady* (BA '28, JD '32)

Ellen Sue and Michael Greco

Regina Gruss* (PhB '50)

Debra and Jordan Hadelman

Beatrice* (MA '36) and Patrick* Haggerty

Janice and Robert Hammersmith

Ruth Hamper*

Marian Haney (BS '66, MBA '71, JD '74) and Paul Murphy (BBA '69)

Susan Marzec Hannigan (JFRC '76-'77, BA '77) and James Hannigan Jr., MD (JFRC Spring '77, BS '77)

Kathryn Harding* (MUND '36)

Charlotte* and Bernard* Harris (BSC '37)

Mary Kathryn Hartigan

Thomas W. Havey (BSC '45) LL

Leon Hayes* (BS '59)

Ramona Hayes Healy*

Eileen Kamerick and Victor Heckler (BS '64, MA '67, PhD '70)

Helen Heerey* (MSW '39)

Beatrice Heimerdinger* (MEd '64)

Liselotte Herman*

Kathleen and Charles Hewell (BS '80, MD '84) LL

Margaret Ann and Todd Hewell  (BS '75, MD '78, MRES '85) LL

Janice* and William* Hines (JD '48)

Nancy (PhD '87) and Frank Hogan III (BS '59, MEd '80) LL

Diane and Michael Hora (MBA '72) LL

Huang Hsueh-Chin

Becky and Christopher Hurley (JD '84)

Mary* (MA '56) and John* Huston, MD

Margaret Hycner-Nealon*

Legoria and Robert* Hynes (BS '65, JD '69)

Lisa and John Iberle (JFRC '73-'74, BBA '75, JFRC '77-'78) LL

Patricia and Donald Izban (BS '54) LL

Katherine Janega (JD '77) and Gerald Keenan LL

Candice and John Janicik (JD ’86) LL

Jerome Janiec* (BSC '53)

Loretta Jans*

Joseph Jarabak, DDS*

Christina Johnson-Wolff (BA '72) and Richard Wolff

Olinda Young and Martin Johnson, MD

Elizabeth Joyce*

Stephen F. and Pamela R. Kasbeer

Chester Kasmer*

Anne* (BSN '56) and Charles* Kay

Kay and Peter* Kearney (MD '48)

Catherine Kelley*

Charles Kellstadt*

Lisa and Patrick Kelly

Patricia Marcotte Kerrigan, PhD (MUND '80)

Robert Kerrigan Jr.

Vincent Kerrigan*

Charles Kerwin*

Alvina Kiley and The Honorable Roger Kiley Jr. (JD '66) LL

Gladys Kiniery* (BSN '36)

James Kirchschlager

Joan A. and William G. Kistner (BBA '72) LL

Michelle and Richard Klarchek

Elaine Gorczyca Klein (BSN '69) and George Klein

Frank Kneussl* (MS '66, PhD '71)

Mary Knoedler* (BSN '49)

Janet* and Frank* Krabec

Rose Krasa*

Joseph Kremper* (MD '68, MRES '73)

Audrey A. Krueger Trust

Constance and John Kurowski (JFRC '73-74, BA '75) LL

Eileen* and Vern* Lahart (BA '50, JD '51)

Debbie and John Lahey LL

Marguerite and Frederick Langenberg

Jeanne (MUND '74) and Desmond LaPlace LL

Doris (MUND '54) and Robert* Latousek (BSC '55)

Gaile Beaurline Leahy and Thomas* Leahy (JD '77)

Otto W. Lehman Foundation

Sue Lehoang, DDS and Mike Lehoang (MD '74)

Laura and Gregory LeVert (MBA '72)

Julia Deal Lewis* and Frank Lewis*

Herbert Lewis* (DDS '29)

Michael (JD '65) and Mary Lou Leyden LL

Shari Lichtenstein (MSW '85)

Don (BA '72) and Terri Liebentritt LL

Kathleen H. Linden*

Sydelle Lipman* (BSN '46)

Ingrid and John LoGiudice (BS '70, MD '74) LL

Barbara Lucchese* (MUND ’60)

Carolyn Lynch LL

Patrick Lynch (BBA '82) LL

Lenore* (JD '92) and John Madden

Shirley (MEd ’95) and Michael Madigan (JD ’67)

Wayne Magdziarz (BA '82, MBA '87) LL

Marie Majsterek*

Harold Manfredi* (MD '47)

Helen Marasz*

Shirley and Samuel* Marotta (BSC '39)

Anne and Stuart Marshall (MD '70)

Eloise* and Harold* Martin

Jeanne Masterson*

Alice Husisian Mayer* (MUND '70)

Carol McCarthy (MBA '85)

Margaret McCarthy* (MEd '40)

Genevieve McClevey* (MUND '33)

Francis McCracken* (MEd '50)

John McCrann*

Clement McDonald*

Henry McDonald* (BA '35, JD '39)

Robert McDonald* (BS '51)

Sistie and Eugene McEnery (MD '57)

Lorraine* (MA '58) and Alan* McFee (BS '51, MA '53)

Mary Ann McGrath, PhD (BS '68) and William J. McGrath, JD (MA '67) LL

Kathleen McKay* (MEd '55)

Marguerite McMahon

Marcella* (MUND '48, MD '51) and John* Meyer (MD '51)

Kenneth Micetich (BS '69, MD '75, MRES '78) LL

Jo-Ann and Thomas Michalak (BS '63) LL

Hymen Milgrom*

Lucelle Miller*

Mary Anne Miller*

Robert Mode* (BS '51)

Evelyn Molback*

Maria (BS '67, MBA '70) and Carl Moore Jr. (BA '66, JD '69)

Carol and Terry Moritz (BS '66, JD '70)

Jean Mormon Unsworth LL

Aimee* and John Morrissey LL

Margaret* and Harold* Moser

Rosemary* (MUND '47) and John* Murphy (BA '68)

Ruthellyn (BA '75) and Ronald Musil

Gerald Nagel Sr.* (BS '49)

Florence Nasenbeny* (BSN '50)

Raymond Nemecek* (MD '43)

Patricia and Richard* Nerad

Marion Normile*

Charlene and Mark Novak (JD '77)

Oluf Oberg*

Lynn Carlson and Philip O'Connor, PhD (JFRC '68-'69, BA '70) LL

Nicky* and William* O'Donnell

Judith Papp O'Connell (BS '63) and Gerald F. O'Connell (MS '66)

George O'Grady (BS '55)

Barbara and Sidney Oko

Mary Alice O'Laughlin (MSW '47)

Barbara* (JD '69) and Edward* O'Toole

Ozmon Family Foundation

Angeline Parker Poss*

Esther Parr*

Michaela and Richard Parrillo Sr.

Mary Kay and Mario Pasin

Mary (MUND '59) and Ronald Pawl (BS '57, MD '61)

Geraldine Peiffer* (MD '49)

Susan* (JFRC Spring '63) and Anthony Piazza II (JFRC '62-'63)

Marion Piggotti*

Carol* and Hadley Pihl

Robin Smith and William Plante (BS '59)

Laddie Poduska* (JD '37)

Jeanne* (MUND '37) and Chester* Pollowy

Thomas Potasz* (MD '26)

Helen Potter*

Fausta Povilonis*

COL (IL) J.N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Ret.) (BA '79)

Sandra and Timothy Rand

Gregory Rataj (BS '71, MA '73) LL

Audrey (BSEd '78) and Albert Ratner

Harriett* (MUND '36) and Howard* Reed

Maralyn and Michael K. Reilly LL

Joan* and Leonard* Richman

Patricia L. Riggs (MUND '61)

Ranny Riley, PhD* (JFRC '63-64)

Carol Robbins (JFRC '64-'65) and Herbert Wolff

Sharon and David Robinson

Violet* and Joseph* Roda

Linda and Curt Rodin (JD '75) LL

Germaine* (MUND '65) and John* Rooney (MBA '69)

Mimi and Stuart Rose

Susan Deborah Rosenberg* (MSW '99)

Julie Sujack Rosenberger

Walter Rozycki*

Ann and Paul Rubino (MD '63)

Mary* and Santo* Ruggero (MD '46)

Rose Marie Russo*

Donna and James Ryan (MD '55)

Wilma Saari*

Linda Salisbury (JD '91) LL

Florence Schaffenegger*

Loretta Schmidt*

Cathleen and Bryan Schultz (BS '71, MD '74)

Dolores Schumann

Isabelle* and Benjamin* Schwarcz (MD '31)

Charles M. Schwartz Memorial Foundation

Frank Schwartz*

Julie and Joseph Serra

Diane (MEd '60) and Roger Serzen

Frances Setnicar* (BSN '56)

Elizabeth* and Philip* Sheridan Sr. (MD '50)

Esther Mae Shields*

Sakaye Shigekawa* (MD '40)

Dorothy* and Frank* Shirey (JD '48)

Gloria Sieben*

Sheldon Siegel* (MEd '76, EdD '80)

Helen* and John* Skowron (MD '43)

Ronald Skwarek (BBA '74) LL

Edward Smith* (MD '35)

Patty and G. Andrews Smith LL

John K. Smith*

Walter Smith* (PhD '52)

Genevieve Sokolowski*

Marie Soltys*

Dorothy* and Frederick* Specht

Alexandria Marchetti Speers and Brian Speers (JD '93) LL

Helen Stander*

Wanda Stanul*

Anne B. Stericker (MA '74, PhD '76) and Thad L. Regulinski, PhD LL

Dorothy Stevens* (MEd '57)

Margaret and Julian* Stevens (BS '53)

Martin Stock (BA '84)

Mary Lou* and Frank* Stotz (BSC '52)

Stuart Rose Family Foundation

Vivijeanne* and Edwin* Sujack (PhB '48)

Kathleen and Gregory Sujack (JD '84)

Margaret Sujack, DDS (BS '78) and Donald Sujack (BBA '78, MBA '85)

Maureen and Stephen Sujack

Sophie Swienton*

Jean and J. Scott Sykora

Joyce and Calvin Tanko

Patricia O'Shea and Frank Tannura (JFRC Fall '76, BBA '79)

Jacqueline and William* Tansey (BS '57, MD '61, MPS '01)

Arthur Tarchala*

Mary Tolan (BBA ’82) and Edward Grzelakowski

Sheila* and Timothy Toomey (JD '65)

Robert Tornello* (MD '43)

Theresa (BSN '75) and Mario Tse (BS '77, DDS '81) LL

Charles Turgrimson*

Bonnie and Fidelis Umeh LL

Victoria Vacha* (MD '47)

Betty and Jerome* Van Gorkom

Suzanne and David* Van Ort (DDS '53)

Thais Lopez Vogel and David Vogel

Katherine Vogelheim (JFRC '77-'78) and John Hansen

Alice* and Robert* Wagner (MRE '73)

Netty and Edward Wanandi

Mary Jo (JFRC '75-'76) and Sheldon Weinig

Judithe and Jerome Wensinger (MD '58)

Ruth Mary Whelan* (MUND '37, MA '54)

Raymond White*

Frances (MUND '62) and Mitchell Wiet (JD '65)

Kenneth Williams*

Margaret Williams* (PhB '41)

Richard Wittry (BA '56, JD '59) LL

Morton Wolf* (JD '35)

Florence and Francis Wolfe Jr. (JD '98)

Melvin Wolfe*

Wilbur Wolfe*

Charles Wynn*

Linda and Jay* Young (MD '63)

Jill (BS '71) and Daniel Youngberg

Walter Zanozik*

Edward Ziemba*