Loyola University Chicago

Global and International Studies

Student Testimonials


“[T]his semester I interned at a nonprofit organization that sends medical missions to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This experience showed me that my world does not just stop in my comfortable bubble in Chicago, Illinois, but expands worldwide. I can make a difference in areas that were unbeknownst to me before just by expanding my horizons and leaving my comfort zone.”

            - Mariam S.

            SCA Medical Missions


"My internship with Kurth Lampe Worldwide cemented my desire to pursue a career connecting domestic politics with wider geopolitical landscapes. The communication and research skills I learned from Kitty and Kevin proved invaluable in my job post-graduation. Additionally, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to human rights, electoral, and interfaith projects spanning the globe and learn from experts. Thanks, Kurth Lampe Worldwide and Loyola Global and International Studies Department!  I just graduated and am working at New Chicago Consulting as a finance associate -- the research skills I learned from interning made this possible.”

            - Sarah C.

            Kurth Lampe Worldwide


“These internships taught me more about politics, cultures, and people in general than any class could have done. Therefore, I believe that internships are the best way to introduce students to their field of study especially when it comes to Global and International Studies.” 

            - Joshua R.

            Internships in China and Europe


“The INTS 370 internship class is a great option that enhances the program and allows students to make connections and explore the career side of the INTS program.” 

            - Elena V.

            World Chicago


“My internship with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs was rewarding and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed working in the programs team where the staff members are always willing to answer questions and encourage intern participation in team meetings. I was exposed to countless important international figures and feel that the Council was a great place for an introduction into the professional field I am looking into.” 

            - Olivia U.

            Chicago Council on Global Affairs


“I spent the first semester of my senior year at the US Commercial Service under the US Department of Commerce. Interning here was a great experience for those hoping to gain a better concept of commerce and trade in a US context as well as just how governmental organizations work as a whole. I was able to help the Trade Specialists in their day-to-day activities as well as help plan and organize a national event. I learned a lot about what I want out of my future careers. The people there are incredibly helpful and great to work with!”

            - Roohi S.

            US Commercial Service


“The experiences that I have found to be most beneficial are without a doubt, my internships.  Over the course of my college career, I have been the Outreach Intern for Solidarity Bridge, an international non-profit in Evanston; the Development Intern for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, the most prominent international non-profit operating in the globe; and currently, the International Trade Intern for the U.S. Department of Commerce.  I found all of these internships so beneficial because, as I have said countless times, I have figured out what I do not (and do) want in a job post-graduation.”

            Gregory L.

            US Dept. of Commerce