Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Cristina Bedolla

Cristina Bedolla
Social Work
River Forest, IL

Here at Loyola I hope to live out the Mallinckrodt legacy through my service to the Loyola and Chicago community around me. For example, I am happy to serve as the Co-President of the student organization Women in Leadership Loyola (WILL). WILL is a student group that strives to empower and connect leaders within the Loyola community and the greater Chicago area. Through raising awareness to the social, political, and economic injustices surrounding women and gender, we have been able to lead numerous student initiatives on campus.  This group has not only given me a voice and the ability to make change on campus, but it has also provided me with the tools to become a confident and driven women leader.

In addition, this school year I am excited to serve as a Resident Assistant for first year students so that I can aid them in transitioning into their college experience and guide them through any difficulties they may face in their first year here. Looking forward, I hope to continue towards a life of service through my career in social work. I am currently a student in the Five-Year BSW/MSW Program that allows to me have automatic admittance into the master of social work program here at Loyola. Assuming that all goes well, I’d love to establish my social work career in Chicago by working with children who must endure many structural injustices and disadvantages on a daily basis.