Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Johnson Scholars Research Budget

Faculty mentors receive $1,500 each fiscal year in a research budget in support of the Johnson Scholar's project. Below is a list of the various forms to access this budget. Submit all completed forms and receipts to Janet Sisler at jsisler@luc.edu with a cc to Carol Coyne at ccoyne@luc.edu.

In terms of research budget availability, funds are available starting July 1 each year. Purchase orders and reimbursement requests must be submitted by May 31. Funds from the first fiscal year may be carried over to the second year budget but at the end of that fiscal year, the funds are no longer available.

Purchase Requisition Form
Complete the form leaving the accounting unit blank and submit it. When approved, it will be sent to Purchasing with the Johnson account number. This is the fastest and easiest way to use your research budget.

Expense Reimbursement Form
Scholars and mentors who make purchases for their research using their own funds should submit the receipts along with an Expense Reimbursement Form. When approved, it will be sent to Accounts Payable for a reimbursement. Please use the Loyola Tax Exempt Form when making purchases as part of your research project.

Expense Transfer Form
If a purchase is made using a ProCard, submit an Expense Transfer Form along with a copy of the receipt.

All forms can be found at http://www.luc.edu/finance/forms.shtml.

*Please note that if you are using your research budget for a flight, you must keep and submit your boarding passes.