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Lex Podell

Lex Podell
Graduation Year
English/Creative Writing and Theology
Dr. Colby Dickinson

How will your research benefit the world at large? I hope my research of the intersections between Girard and Foucault will help to further describe and explain modern experiences of marginalization among LGBT+ women and gender-nonconforming individuals, which in turn can open up pathways of concrete justice and liberation for these groups.

Why did you choose to work with your mentor? This past February, I met Colby Dickinson for the first time to discuss the possibility of adding a major or minor in theology. By the time I left his office, Colby had informed me of the scholarship, persuaded me to apply for it, offered me his help, and loaned me about ten books to cite as sources in my research proposal. I chose to work with him about three minutes after he suggested the possibility, but given more time to think, I wouldn't have altered my choice. I was excited about the project but also felt some trepidation, and Colby's tremendous enthusiasm really helped to secure my confidence.