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Jena DiMaggio

Jena DiMaggio
Graduation Year
English and Women's Studies and Gender Studies
Dr. Bren Ortega Murphy

Why did you choose your research topic? During my first year at Loyola, I held a work-study position at a primary school, working with a kindergarten classroom. During this year, I realized how much young children have already learned about what the world is like and how to interact with one another … When Dr. Ortega-Murphy told me of her research project, I immediately remembered my time spent with this classroom and thought that this project would be a perfect way to create a positive message for children to emulate.

How will your research benefit the world at large? Our research--which will be compiled onto a website--will help educators and care-takers select films for their children with intention. For example, a school teacher could use this database to pick a film that has characters who are multicultural, who present various models of leadership, and who challenge traditional gender roles, all while still showing a film that was created for an audience of a specific age. In doing so, these children themselves will eventually become the next generation of leaders who understand, support, and pursue feminist, Jesuit, and leadership values.