Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Current Johnson Scholars

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    Colette Copic

    Effective Mobilization and Allyship in Environmental Community Organizing: Case Study of Pilsen, Chicago
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    Grace Koch

    Original Theatrical Production about Political Polarization
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    Olivia LaRocco

    The Effects of the Decline in Manufacturing in the Chicago Lawn Neighborhood
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    Michelle Sharpe

    Evaluation of the Parent Mentoring Program
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    Juana Fonseca

    Socio-Emotional Struggles of Undocumented Immigrant Woman
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    Kate Hansen

    An Analysis of the Correlation between Statistical Presentation Styles and Voter Interpretation
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    Lauren Morrissey

    Supreme Court Attitudes in Times of Partisan Gridlock
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    Rachel Phan

    Sustainability Accounting: Examining the Quality of Integrated Reporting Practices
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    Emily Robertson

    Advertising Periods: How Period Products are Advertised and its Effect on Consumer Behavior