Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Nora Scott

Nora Scott
Political Science, Social Work
Dallas, TX

How have you benefited from the Gannon Scholars program?

The Gannon Scholars has connected me with individuals who share passions and ambitions with me, but also challenged me to uncover new perspectives, theories, and sectors in the area of social justice.

Why is the mission of women's leadership important to you?

Women are the future and it is more important now than ever to highlight the voices of women that are so often silenced or spoken over. The Gannon Center creates a space for female activism and leadership that is so needed both within a university setting and the world.

What are you interested in researching? Why?

I am interested in researching the intersection between political representation and action and the attention given to minority group issues in the political sphere. I love how this topic combines the passions I have within each of my majors, both political structure and social justice and diverse representation.