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Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Madeline Ohlms

Madeline Ohlms
Kirkwood, MO

What are some of your interests and involvement outside the Gannon Scholars program?

Outside of the Gannon program, I am a member of a sorority (Chi Omega). I am serving as the Director of Career and Personal Development this year. I also lead a group of first year students in a Christian Living Community, or CLC.

Why is the mission of women's leadership important to you?

I appreciate the mission of the Gannon Scholars because of its emphasis on the importance of a dialogue between a group of strong women. I think that bringing women of different identities and backgrounds together and allowing each to speak up regarding their opinion is so, so important. Talking to one another is how we learn and how we grow. I also love that the mission talks about creating a network of women prepared to lead and committed to research. The mission is empowering to me, as it affirms the idea that I as a young woman involved in the Gannon Center have the capacity to research and use my findings to impact the community. Women are strong, intelligent, and capable of a lot more than we are sometimes recognized for, and I appreciate how the Gannon Center acknowledges the importance of our work.