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Ally Moors

Ally Moors
Visual Communication
Goodrich, MI

I always dread the first confrontation of people who want to know more about my language-learning endeavors. "What are you studying?" "Oh, Korean." This is about the time everyone gives me the same patronizing nod and smile, following up with "Oh, very... interesting. Why don't you learn something more useful though?" More often than not, trying to explain to people why insinuating a language is "useless" is a harmful ideology is futile. A language isn't useful because it can make the most profit, or is a majority. I find a severe issue in the collective decision that some cultures are not worth talking to; that their histories are not worth preserving … I intend to use my time as an International Studies major at Loyola to advance my knowledge of cross-cultural communication and how it can be applied to societies to enrich lives and promote globalization without assimilation. By becoming a Gannon Scholar, I hope to learn the skills that will aid me in leading research into the ways in which the preservation of identity complexity through the use of language can be upheld and applied to modern society.