Loyola University Chicago

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Roshni Koul

Roshni Koul
Naperville, IL

What are some of your interests and involvement outside the Gannon Scholars program?

On campus, I am the music director of LUC Raag, Loyola's South Asian-Western acapella team. I am an active member of the American Medical Student Association and the Hindu Student Organization. I'm also involved in chemistry based research. Off campus, I run an Indian classical singing school for children. I'm also the Midwest Youth Director for the Kashmiri Overseas Association. In my free time, I love running.

What are you interested in researching? Why?

I am interested in the world's access to healthcare, and the roles that economic standing, natural environmental health risks, and gender play in determining availability to medication. As someone passionate about medicine and social justice, I would like to understand why so many become victims of preventable infections and diseases.