Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Samantha Leary

Samantha Leary
Political Science
St. Louis, MO

What are some of your interests and involvement outside the Gannon Scholars program?

I am a member of Women in Leadership Loyola, studying in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program, and working as an Orientation Leader at the university during the summer. I am also a terrible intramural volleyball player and an avid music fan and concert goer.

Why is the mission of women's leadership important to you?

It is no surprise that the world and America needs a great deal of help in many areas currently. I believe that women have a unique and integral role to play in making it better and that a university should encourage them to grow themselves intellectually and personally so they can actively do so. The Gannon Center gives women the tools and encouragement to do what we all know we can.

What are you interested in researching? Why?

I have found that two of my passions are advocacy and education. Because of this, I am thinking of researching something to do with the discrepancies within the Chicago Public Schools or education policies more generally.