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Gannon Center for Women and Leadership


Radia Daud

Radia Daud
Chicago, IL

How have you benefited from the Gannon Scholars program?

In the Gannon Scholars program, I am surrounded by amazing, compassionate, and open-minded women who inspire me every day to become the best version of myself. Surrounding myself with people who uplift me and want to see me do better is very important to me, and the program offers just that. I am also very grateful for the friendship and everlasting support I have been receiving from the scholars and the staff.

What are you interested in researching? Why?

The overall topic of the research I am interested in is health disparities and vulnerable populations. Upon arriving in the United States, many refugees are faced with uncontrollable challenges that inhibit them from getting the best healthcare possible. Therefore, in order to address these challenges, my specific research question is, “How can we improve refugees’ healthcare experiences, and how do we develop and implement strategies for improvement?” This is an important issue to me because I am a refugee, and there have been many obstacles barriers that prevented my family and me from having positive healthcare experiences due to our language and cultural barriers. Based on our experiences, it is clear that there is room for improvement on how refugees receive healthcare, and that much of it has to do with addressing barriers of language, culture, and financial resources.