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Jenine Ybanez

Jenine Ybanez
Elementary Education
Madison, WI

Why is women's leadership important to you? The world is hurting in many ways, and I believe we need all hands on deck to help. Women are crucial to that, but we have systematically been oppressed, marginalized, and pushed aside. Without women's leadership, our world is not tapping into the wealth of knowledge that women have to offer towards solutions. I think women leadership is important because it shows that not only can we contribute in large ways, but we must. Women's leadership and education can completely transform a community for the better.

How have you benefited from the Gannon Scholars program?  So far, I found the UNIV class very informative about what research actually looks like and how to go about it. I feel less intimidated by the idea of actually doing it. The UNIV class has given me the most professional development. But I think I grew a lot personally from being able to talk with so many amazing woman leaders I'm lucky enough to call my friends.