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Margaret Schroer

Margaret Schroer
Indianapolis, IN

What are some of your interests outside of the Gannon Scholars? Outside of the Gannon Scholars program and my studies, I am an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and I teach group fitness Spin! classes. Some of my interests include practicing yoga, running and biking on Lake Michigan, painting, and exploring the city of Chicago with my close friends.

How have you benefited from the Gannon Scholars program? The Gannon Center has given me countless opportunities. It has provided me with connections and resources to deepen my academic experience. The professors and students involved in the program have helped me deepen my intellectual growth. Additionally, the program introduced me to research methodologies and goals, preparing me to pursue my own individualized research. Most importantly, the Gannon Scholars program has surrounded me with a network of empowered, unique, passionate, and innately beautiful women. These women constantly support me and inspire me to learn, grow, and become a better person.