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Andrea Jalloh

Andrea Jalloh
Skokie, IL

What are some of your passions outside of the Gannon Scholars? My passions include community service, spending quality time with family and friends, running, and reading. I love giving back to my community, whether it's through working with an organization, being an acolyte in church, or being a part of a charity drive. When I'm not part of outside activities, you can find me home, reading a good book or helping my father in his awarded wining garden or even jogging with my two German shepherds.

Why is women's leadership important to you? Women's leadership is important to me because I firmly believe that no sector in society can be successful without women being involved. In a society that praises hyper-masculinity, women are often not given the chance to enter certain fields that are male-dominated. I believe that women should be given more roles as CEO's, engineers, political leaders, and so on … As Malala Yousafzai once said, "We cannot succeed when half of us are held back."