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Last Day to Drop with a "W" FAQ

1182 Drop Without WF

You can find the last date to drop for each semester on the Academic Calendar: http://www.luc.edu/academics/schedules/index.shtml. Make sure you are looking at the correct year.

A W indicates that a student enrolled in class, but withdrew after the first week of classes.

No, a W does not affect your GPA.

No, the W will remain on your transcript.

In general, having one or two Ws should not be detrimental to your future. However, if you have several Ws on your transcript, it may cause concern to a person who is evaluating your academic record for employment, admissions into a graduate program and/or a scholarship application. Please note:

  • Pre-health students are encouraged to speak to a Pre-Health Advisor before dropping a science course.
  • Nursing students should speak to their academic advisor before dropping one of their nursing required classes.

FSYA strongly advises that students check with The Hub before dropping a class. Even if dropping a class will not put you below full-time status, it is best that you make sure that any grants or scholarships do not require you to maintain a course load above 12 hours. If the W will put you below 12 hours, then you must speak to someone at the Hub first to discuss what affects, if any, it will have on your financial aid.

If the W will drop you below 12 hours, then you must speak to someone at the Hub first to discuss what effects, if any, it will have on your financial aid.

If you live on campus, you will need to get written permission from the Housing Assignments Coordinator, Melissa Bagdon (mbagdon@luc.edu). Once you receive permission from Residence Life to remain in your residence-hall at part-time status, you should print out the e-mail and bring it to First and Second Year Advising so that an advisor can process the withdrawal.

If you decide to withdraw from a class after the deadline, you will receive a WF on your transcript. A WF does affect your GPA, the same way an F does.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, but here are some steps you can take before withdrawing from a class:

  • Speak to the instructor: Attend his/her office hours or make an appointment to discuss your concerns about your performance in the class. Ask for your instructor’s advice—Do they think it is likely you can pass the course? What would you have to do from that point on in order to earn a passing grade?
  • Get support: Contact the Center for Tutoring and Academic Excellence about their tutoring services (http://www.luc.edu/tutoring/).

The Writing Center for help writing papers (http://www.luc.edu/writing/home/).

University Libraries for help with finding research for papers and projects (http://libraries.luc.edu/).

  • Weigh your options: After speaking with your instructor, take some time to honestly reflect on whether or not you think you will be able to successfully complete the course. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:
    • Do I understand the material enough to be successful in the course?
    • Will having to put in the extra effort and energy for this class affect my other courses? (e.g. Instead of getting As or Bs in my other courses, I could potentially end up with Bs or Cs).
    • If I am on scholarship or academic probation, and don’t end up passing this course, what are the repercussions?
    • Will withdrawing from this class affect my four-year plan, or progress toward graduation? (You should consult with your advisor to determine this answer).

First-semester first-year students, student athletes, and some students on academic probation are unable to make changes to their schedules in the fall semester, including withdrawing from a class. Therefore, a first-semester first-year, or a student on academic probation will need to see an advisor to withdraw from a class.

After the fall of their first-year, all students in good standing can withdraw from a class as long as the withdrawal will not put him/her below full-time status.

If you receive an error message, make note of the details. You are encouraged to come to a walk-in session in Sullivan 260 so that an advisor can assist you.

Absolutely! First and Second Year Advising has drop-ins Mon, Tue, and Wed from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Sullivan 260. You may also call 773.508.7714 to ask about extended drop-in hours on the last day to withdraw from a class with a W.