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PLEASE READ: This online assessment is only for International Students

Welcome to Loyola University! Please complete the following academic advising intake form if you would like to change your major, applied for a learning community or have taken advanced placement exams (AP,IB, CLEP). As a reminder, you will register for your fall courses from home June 1 - 30. You will receive an email with instructions regarding how to enroll in courses. 

Please visit LUC.edu/orientation/preparing/honors-learning-community-registration/ for more information about fall 2017 registration.

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Learning Communities
Are you a member of a Learning Community at Loyola University Chicago?
Note: Incoming first-year students needed to apply to participate in a Learning Community through their housing application. If you did not apply and/or were not accepted to a learning community please select "NO".
Only answer this question if you answer Yes to the above question.
What Learning Community are you a member of?
Service & Faith
First Year Research Experience (FYRE)
Advising Questions
Intended Major(s)
A list of majors can be found at LUC.edu/academics/programs.shtml
Possible Minor(s) (if applicable)
Note: You may not be recommended to take any courses for your minor in your first semester.
Pre-Professional Program (if applicable)
Examples: Pre-med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Law, etc.
Math Placement Test
For information on the Math Placement Test visit LUC.edu/orientation/preparing/assessments/math/.
College Level Credits
First Year students are eligible to transfer up to 36 credit hours of AP, IB, CLEP, and college transfer credits to Loyola.
Have you taken any Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or CLEP exams?
Note: Click all that apply
None of the Above
Please list the test you took by subject area, and if, applicable, your scores for any of the above.
Note: AP, IB, and CLEP guidelines can be found here.
Do you have any college level credit that you plan to transfer to Loyola?
Note: Transfer credit policy can be found here.

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If you are enrolled in Loyola University's Interdisciplinary Honors program please proceed to the following webpage: LUC.edu/honors/incomingfirstyearhonorsstudents

For all other new incoming students you will be able to register for courses when you arrive on campus at one of our New Student Orientation Sessions.