Loyola University Chicago

First and Second Year Advising

Student Academic Services

Academic Support

We have numerous support services and opportunities to actively promote your success at Loyola.

Academic Advising: Our advisors provide academic and developmental support that can help you achieve your academic and career goals. Make an appointment with your advisor if you would like to receive academic support or discuss academic resources.

Academic Strategies: Strategies for active learning, time management, test taking, reading and note taking and more.

Grade Calculators: These grade calculators can help you estimate what cumulative grade point average (GPA) you will have at the end of the term given your current grades, as well as what assignment grades you will need in order to achieve your desired grade in a class.

Probation Support: This website will explain what academic probation is as well as give you resources to help you get off of probation or stay off of academic probation.

Services for Student with Disabilities: This website can provide you with information on services available to you if you have a disability. It also can help answer questions if you were wondering how to document a diagnosed disability, or were seeking disability support or accommodations.

Tutoring: Sign up for small group tutoring, or come for walk-in tutoring for math, science and several business courses.

Workshops: Our weekly workshops cover an array of topics to help with student success. Topics include time management, note taking strategies, study strategies, financial planning, personal development & goal setting, and registration workshops.

Writing Resources: Meet with a writing tutor, learn how to write papers for your major, explore American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago formatting guides, and learn grammatical and stylistic rules, tips and tricks.