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President Trump, the press, and fake news

Loyola faculty and other industry experts sat down to discuss a topic that’s been dominating the news for more than a year: President Donald Trump’s relationship with the press and political journalists. Jill Geisler, inaugural Bill Plante Chair of Leadership and Media Integrity in Loyola’s School of Communication and the panel moderator, led a discussion on the notion of “fake news,” consuming a balanced diet of accurate information, and the best response to President Trump’s criticism of the press.

Panelists Bill Plante, Loyola alumnus and veteran CBS White House correspondent, and Jane Elizabeth, director of the accountability journalism program at the American Press Institute, brought up the following facts during the President Trump and the Press panel.

“There’s always been a tension between politicians and reporters—it goes way back in the 20th century.”
—Jack Smith, Former CBS News Washington Bureau Chief and Loyola adjunct faculty
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Fake News

37.6 M Number of times fake news stories about presidential candidates were shared in 2016 source
46% voters believe the news media fabricate stories about President Trump and his administration source
2 out of 3 Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news source

fifty-nine percent all links posted to social networks were shared without having been read first source


The number of fact-checking organizations has tripled since 2014 source