Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

Spring 2018

Award Recipients

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Elizabeth Lozano School of Communication Peter Hans Kolvenbach Award for Engaged Teaching

Elizabeth Lozano

Dr. Lozano is an associate professor in the School of Communication. She was nominated by several of her students for this recognition. In the nomination form, one student commented about Dr. Lozano’s passion for the engaged learning class. The student stated that Dr. Lozano “goes beyond the requirement and encourages us to build strong connections and relationships as well as create meaningful learning objectives.”  Another student noted that Lozano learns along with her students and encourages meaningful reflection on their experiences.

In Dr. Lozano’s teaching statement, she stresses that the praxis in all her classes, no matter the topic, invites student pragmatic engagement with the world. She states, “I take a critical and cultural approach to the study and teaching of communication, which means that . . . I invite students to ponder issues of power, representation, inclusion, solidarity, and resistance.” It is through reflection on this invitation that students find a level of personal growth and understanding: mind, body and spirit.