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Ugochukwu Okere

Ugochukwu Okere
Political Science
Fellow at the Chicago Federal Executive Board

Most people my age do not get to experience government at such a high level at this point in their lives. Working as a part of an agency that deals specifically with intergovernmental collaboration, puts me in a special position in which I am able to interact with virtually every other federal agency. This is everything from the Department of the Interior, to the Department of Justice, and to the Department of State. 

I want to be an elected official in the near future. A big part of that is not only the connections you make in government, but how you can utilize the resources you have for the local government. I have learned of so many grants and programs that municipalities can utilize through intergovernmental collaboration. The mayor of Gary, Indiana came to a place-based training seminar and talked about how through a city partnership, Gary was able to get back on its feet. I want to be able to bring impoverished or in-need communities the resources they need.

Without Loyola I would have never known about this internship. The credibility that Loyola University Chicago gives students puts a stamp of approval a cut above the rest when it comes to resumes as well. The leadership experiences I have had while at this university were plentiful-- from fundamentally diversifying the historical core curriculum to directing and producing an annual fashion show. The culmination of my experiences put me at a unique advantage in acquiring this internship