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Emily Prust

Emily Prust
Political Science and Global and International Studies
Scheduling Intern at the Office of Senator Richard J. Durbin

This internship is a unique experience because I am able to work for a well-respected and powerful politician, Senator Durbin, while going to school and maintaining a paying job. The ability to balance these parts of my life is important to me because I wouldn't be able to continue school and work if the internship were elsewhere.

I can see myself growing through this internship in a few different ways. I am bettering my customer/constituent service skills which will be important for all of my future jobs. I also see myself improving in adapting to new environments. After a few years of new internships and jobs, I am less nervous when I'm thrown into new situations. I am less nervous to ask for help from the people around me, and I am able to form relationships with my coworkers more easily. This is important for the work environment, and it makes the job experience more enjoyable. 

This is an exciting time to work in a senate office, and I am looking forward to seeing inside the government process in difficult times. I am also excited to eventually meet the senator. I don't work on days that he is in town, but I was told that the interns are often invited to have breakfast with him at some point.

The Loyola experience has definitely shaped this path to my internship. Loyola emphasized that my first year should be about getting settled, making friends, and trying new things. That gave me time to confirm my love for politics. This year, my second year, I had the confidence and the skills to start applying for internships. This internship is my third, and I've built on school work and previous internship experience to prepare for this one. I was definitely prepared when I applied for this one which gives me the confidence to believe I can work in this field.