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Frances Way

Frances Way
Human Services
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At the earliest moment I could, I declared myself a human services major. My experience was slightly different that others, in that I found a specific degree I wanted before I found a school. Back in high school, I was looking at psychology, social work and non-profit administration degrees until the day I found human services. Human services seemed to have everything I was looking for and allowed me to keep a couple of options open that I was still interested. You could say that I was one of the many students that say, "I just want to help others." With a human services degree, one can do just that. So, declaring my major was not the hard part. However, within my degree I learned that a lot of initiative and self-knowledge was required. In my first semester, here at Loyola, I was being asked, "who exactly do you want to help and how." That I did not have answer for at the time.

My Loyola experience has been completely defined by my search to answer, "who exactly do you want to help and how." I have used trial and error to determine what seems to be the right fit for me. Through this I have come to determine that I would like to help kids who have disabilities in Latino communities with art therapy.


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