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Anna Russ

Anna Russ
Business Management
Service Learning Course
ELPS 125 - Introduction to Leadership Studies
My experience through my service learning leadership class was beneficial to building my skills and knowledge. Not only through volunteering at Chicago HOPES for kids but also through readings and reflection in class, I realized what it means to be a leader and how I, myself, am a leader. I learned that leadership is a function and not just characteristics that describe a person. I learned to reflect on my actions and myself in order to realize how I can lead others. I also realized my passion for service and helping others. I am now volunteering through Loyola4Chicago at the Jordan Community School. There I continue to help children after school with their homework. I work to help them realize their potential and push them towards success. Because of my experience, I am motivated to take my business management degree and work for a non-profit company after graduation. I hope to use my skills in an environment that collectively is working to serve others.
My future plans are to either work for a non-profit or work for a health/fitness related company. I also plan to continue my service in my community. I do not know if I will stay in Chicago or find a new community. However, wherever I find myself I hope to seek out service opportunities.