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Scarlett Winers

Scarlett Winers
Political Science

Hello! My name is Scarlett Winters, and I am a senior at Loyola University Chicago. I am majoring in Political Science and am conducting research in the Political Science department with Dr. Amanda Bryan. I started this fellowship conducting research on why Supreme Court justices deny law clerks. In addition to this research project, I have been researching the effect restrictive voter identifications laws have on voter turnout and the proportion of Democratic candidates who win their seats. So far, I have presented this research at the Midwest Political Science Association conference in April, and I plan to continue presenting at conferences in Chicago and New Orleans.

So far, the most valuable aspect of this project has been the chance to apply my skills to new opportunities. These opportunities include conducting archival research, authoring my first academic paper, and presenting my findings at conferences. No matter what career I choose, it will be beneficial for me to say that this fellowship has equipped me with a diverse range of skills, including those. What I enjoy about this fellowship is that it allows for so much independence in terms of travel and determining how you can best answer the research question. This independence is crucial for any college student, whether they are looking to supplement their CV for graduate school or simply trying to gauge their academic interests. If any student is interested in this fellowship, I would certainly recommend they do it. No matter the outcome of their research, I would not have been able to acquire the skills I did any other way.