Loyola University Chicago

Center for Experiential Learning


Jiyoon Kim


The Pediatric Developmental Center (PDC) gives me an opportunity to work with multiple professions pertaining to psychology, such as pediatrics, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, social worker, and more. There has been so many times I have changed my mind about what I wanted to become. The PDC gives me the chance to explore many professions at once, which I find to be very helpful to decide in what area of psychology I’m most interested in. I look forward to learning more about myself and my interests in psychology. There are so many professions we can all go into with our majors, and it often leaves me confused as to what I want to do for the future. I think this experience will help me get a better understanding of what career path is best suited or not suited for me.


As a fourth year student at Loyola, I have completed most of my major courses and believe that I’m ready to apply my knowledge to a professional setting. I’m excited to experience what I learned in classrooms at the PDC. An internship is where all that learning pays off! I also look forward to working with all the professions at PDC to get a better perspective of what they do.

When I first started at Loyola, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and missed out on a lot of great opportunities that Loyola offers. As a third year at Loyola, I started to panic about the future and decided that I should take advantage of all the resources that Loyola offered before it was too late. This academic internship was one of the opportunities I decided to take, and I’m so glad I did. Loyola has great connections with internship sites around the Chicago area, so Loyola helps you in where you need to go, which is how I found out about PDC.  

If you’re struggling looking for an internship, take advantage of Loyola’s resources offered to students! Loyola has great connections to many internship sites, so an internship should not be hard to find. A lot of Loyola students have already interned at these internship sites, so these sites are excited to get more Loyola students every year! If you’re unsure about a certain internship site, talk to someone who has interned there! It really helped to talk to other Loyola students who went through the same process. Also, if you have a certain internship in mind, but you’re not sure, go ahead and ask your professors - they are there for you!