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Alex Minton

Alex Minton

At Loyola I plan to continue to build my home through becoming involved with the Leadership Learning Community and assisting the RA's in planning various activities for our hall. Another way I plan to feel more comfortable is by joining various organizations on campus. Currently I am interested in joining Marketing club, Knitting club, Cooking club, Hall Council, Loyola4Chicago, and the Business Honors Fraternity. 

The connections I have already made with my fellow Ramblers have allowed me to become more comfortable with myself. College is the time to identify yourself, and at Loyola I plan to further my identity through the mission of the Jesuits: serving others. I believe that leadership is directly related to service, and that it begins with the power of one. My goal at Loyola is to make one person feel more at home, to continue the ripple effect of a comforting environment.