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Herrah Hussein

Herrah Hussein

This internship experience is a unique opportunity for me in many ways; this is my first internship and being a congressional intern makes it even more special. Everyday I meet new people, attend briefings and meetings, and learn so much. There’s not a dull day; it’s always full of various tasks and keeps me on my toes. Through this experience, I see myself growing in a number of ways. I am able to think much quicker and make snap decisions. Being in a new city has also taught me to be more independent, explore, and try new things. Regarding the internship-search process, I would advise that it can be a stressful process and to stay calm and apply to the places you feel would be a good fit. It may not work out but don’t rule out a place because you feel it won’t work. Apply and when you land a phone call interview, ask them any questions you may have.