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Hans Sandoval

Hans Sandoval
Political Science/ History

The Refugee Resettlement office of Catholic Charities assists refugees in adapting to the United States. The services offered to the refugees through Catholic Charities are indispensable to having them successfully transition. In my specific role as an intern in the k-12 education program, the staff and I do many tasks and provide many resources that specifically cater to the needs of refugee children. The staff and I do home visits to speak to the parents and children about anything important they need, we fill out case files and school registration forms (everything except parents’ signature), we take the children and parents to medical appoints and to appointments to the social security offices and other government offices, and we assist parents in parent teacher conferences and go to pick up children’s report cards. One of the most consistent tasks the staff and me do is tutoring the children once a week every week that school is in session. The tutoring aspect of my position has been one of the most rewarding tasks I have done in my position. Through tutoring, I have gotten to know the children and been able in a small way make a difference with them and their education. It has been a privilege to work for the refugee resettlement program.