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Piotr Karpierz

Piotr Karpierz
Criminal Justice & Political Science

My internship is a unique opportunity for me because I get to work for the Polish government, my birth country, and experience the relationship it has with the United States on the grounds of law and foreign affairs. I have always been interested in working for an embassy or consular office, and working for one of my home country makes that experience even better.

I see my self growing greatly through this experience. They treat me more of an employee than an intern, so I feel more responsible. Also, my communication skills are even further developing because of the constant contact with a wide range of people.

One challenge that I have already faced and will continue to face is getting in contact with people from a case when you are trying to seek information about that case. Many times, they won't write or call you back, and you sort of get stuck at a dead end. You can't give up. You just need to find an alternate route.