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Anabelle Doulas

Anabelle Doulas
Psychology & Sociology
Class of 2011

I believe my understanding of social justice was cultivated through the CEL, which led me to my later projects at LUC. Being around socially-conscious peers, with their own areas of passion, opened my scope of the world and its people. Furthermore, my internship and research experiences created a unique scope in which I began my eventual graduate work with youth who have been integrated within the child welfare and juvenile justice system. Currently, I work as a therapist for youth who have undergone trauma, living as wards of the state in a residential facility. While many individuals focus purely on the clinical or the research realm, my experiences through the CEL and LUC create a solid framework to navigate my clinical work—while not getting lost in the micro and always bringing my conceptualization of my cases back to the macro. Doing so, one is able to understand the factors that played in the trajectory of an individual, their family system, and their community—which decreases the victim blaming and improves the prognosis. I plan to continue to solidify my clinical and research lens. I hope to eventually get into more macro-oriented work, as a means to bring about social change for a larger amount of youth, families, and communities-- always viewing these issues through my clinical-lens.