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Gabriela Coronado

Gabriela Coronado
Criminal Justice & Spanish

My internship with the States Attorney Office – Juvenile Delinquency Bureau allows me to put the knowledge attained in the classroom into practice. I have the opportunity to work closely with experienced Assistant State’s Attorneys, who deal with a variety of cases involving juvenile delinquents. It is something that I find great interest in. It has been a rewarding experience thus far. It has truly been a unique experience, the attorneys that I work with have allowed me to truly be a part of the team. I have had the opportunity to be a part of their cases, I appreciate the trust they place in me to complete the assigned tasks.

I am strongly contemplating attending law school to further my education, this opportunity has allowed me to discern what it is I want to do once I complete by undergraduate years at Loyola. I envision myself working as a State’s Attorney in the Juvenile Delinquency Bureau. I appreciate how the court follows a balanced and restorative justice model. Which means that they work to provide with the individual with all the necessary resources they need to succeed. The fact that I get to be a part of this amazes me. It is such a great opportunity, which also allows me to grow professionally and intellectually.