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Shayna Youman

Shayna Youman
Forensic Science & Biology


My Engaged Learning experience, in the EMT-B course at Loyola, helped me to connect to Loyola’s mission, specifically in “working to expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning”. In my EMT-B course, I achieved certification and licensure as an Illinois emergency medical technician. The course was only a semester long, but I learned so much during that time. We learned anatomy, pathophysiology, and of course life-saving techniques. As part of the course, we shadowed EMTs on private ambulances, and nurses in emergency rooms. I was able to learn a lot through these shadowing experiences, and even performed simple services such as acquiring vital signs and connecting oxygen. It was very humbling to work in the service of humanity, and the course has allowed me to continue serving humanity long after its completion.

These clinical experiences also helped my professional development in invaluable ways. It was eye-opening to see the health care world at work, and I learned so much about the field that I in which I was pursuing a career. In my Engaged Learning course, I was not only exposed to EMTs but also to nurses and doctors. This experience helped solidify my desire to attend medical school. The course also helped me be more involved in my community by enabling me to receive licensure as an emergency medical technician. This has been a priceless opportunity for me to get more involved in the Loyola and Rogers Park community. Completing HEM 100 and receiving my Illinois EMT-B license was one of my proudest moments, and I am so grateful to Loyola for the opportunity.

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