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Sean Powers

Sean Powers

My research in Dr. Kanzok's lab focuses on the biochemical characterization of a novel Phosducin-like protein found in the malaria parasite, fruit flies, zebrafish, and even humans. My research has taught me how to form hypotheses, design experiments, interpret results, and troubleshoot experimental errors. I have learned the values of patience and determination. Looking forward to medical school, I believe that my research in the biochemistry of protein-protein interactions will aid me in understanding disease progression and the body's response to disease. Through my research, I have run into many road blocks when it comes to experimental outcomes. On numerous occasions, experiments have needed to be redesigned to improve results, even though a setback is incurred in doing so. These challenges have strengthened me as an individual by forcing me to come up with new ideas and to test these ideas. I have had the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, not through a text book, but through educated decisions by which I learn from. My experience in the laboratory over the past year has taught me more about myself and my field of study.

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