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Carly Pace

Carly Pace
Spanish & Philosophy

I have learned so much during my time interning for Neumann Family Services. Working with adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities and mental illness, I have learned how to be more patient and compassionate. I hope to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) one day, and my experience at Neumann has helped to prepare me for that. I have had experience working one-on-one with clients and with clients in a group setting. The classroom I work in has taught me how to combine academic and vocational skills with fun activities. For example, we had a “Neumann Chef Challenge”, where clients had to shop for ingredients, cook a food dish, and present their recipe to the rest of the class. This taught our clients how to budget money, how to prepare and cook food safely and hygienically, and how to follow directions and explain those directions to someone else. Additionally, it was fun and interactive. The staff and clients at Neumann have taught me how to improve my communication skills as a social worker and how to be an effective role model for the people around me. I also have had the opportunity to speak with many different types of social workers, including: behavioral therapists, LCSWs, and case managers. They have all advised me on the different types of schooling and career paths that are involved with each job position, which has helped me decide what path I want to take in the future. Although my work at Neumann was initially required for my Engaged Learning class, I have continued to intern at Neumann because I found it to be such a rewarding experience. One of Neumann’s fundamental values is that everyone deserves respect and autonomy, and I hope to further promote this with my continual work at Neumann and my future career as a social worker.