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Juan Barriga

Juan Barriga

During my third year at Loyola, I was able to explore many opportunities that engaged me to serve others and to ignite my own potential. After having had the opportunity to assist Dr. Haden and her Children's Memory & Learning Lab as an undergraduate assistant, I was able to find more opportunities that captured my interest in pursuing my own future goals. Some of my future goals included finding ways to help serve others, especially those who face social injustices. Also, some of my future goals included finding ways to have more clinical experience in order to pursue a Doctorate in Psychology, with hopes to one day work as a clinical psychologist. The Social Justice Internship Program did just that! After receiving the opportunity to intern at Misericordia, Heart of Mercy, I was able to work with members within a certain community. Because of my experience, I gained more knowledge, more wisdom, and more compassion about the issues that occur within the special needs community. After that experience, I developed an interest in pursuing a career that would one day serve the special needs population.

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